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The Archguardians of Laceria (2016)
Untitled Trilogy; (book 1 complete, due early summer 2018)

   I've wanted to be a writer ever since I was 12 years old and read The Lord of the Rings - so my passion is not unlike countless other fantasy writers, those successful and those not quite as much. But the thing is, while I had other passions - all fleeting, even if some lasted weeks and others lasted years - writing was the one passion I had that didn't once waver or die out.   I would go to school every day - I was a good girl - but I wouldn't necessarily pay attention in class. In fact, I spent pretty much every lesson through my teens with a notebook open on the desk next to my work books and I'd just scrawl away, barely paying any attention to what was being said. I think it says a lot about me as a student that, despite how hard teachers came down on people not listening or passing notes around, only once in three years did I get my notebook confiscated and only on one other occasion did a teacher call me out on it, and even then he thought I was doing homework from another class.
   Somehow, though, the lessons got through. I was never very good at maths, but I've got the basics, whereas biology seemed like common sense and geography - well, that was the one lesson that truly interested me enough to get me to pay attention, and even now, ten years on, it's a subject I'm passionate about.

   But all throughout my teens, even while I was drifting from one band to the next, making painting after painting, taking photograph after photograph, never once did I not have a book on the go. No, they were not all winners. In fact, the sixteen or so I wrote through high school I've actually thrown out. The only ones I kept from my practise years were the first I ever wrote at the age of 12, and they bear a striking resemblence to The Lord of the Rings. And yet, when I stumbled across them a couple of years ago and flicked through them, I was quite surprised by how well written they were.

   It's taken me 14 years of non-stop practise and more notebooks and memory sticks than I care to count, but I've finally completed a book that I feel is worth sharing. It's not perfect - I don't think my writing will ever be perfect because I always seem to learn something new, and with every story I complete, I learn lessons from mistakes. In fact, this story that is 'worth sharing' taught me some of my biggest lessons simply because, once it was out there, I couldn't take it back. And for that reason, my current project is even stronger.

   But that's a year or two away from completion, so we'll put that out of our minds for now. Instead, I want to introduce you to Laceria and its Archguardians. Because, after two years of work, I felt that it was something worthy of sharing with the world, so I did just that. And while terrifying, it's also one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done.

   It is a monarch's task to lead and protect their people, and few take this responsibility as seriously as Queen Rysana Vokun. Since ascending to the throne almost twenty years ago, she has fought a war against violent beasts of stone beneath her people's feet and without their knowledge, holding at bay the aggressors who seek only chaotic destruction.
   But while the gargoyles' predictable attack is usually held off with ease, their recently increasing aggression has given Laceria's five archguardians the push to bring the matter to a swift and final end.

   Queen Rysana, only the latest in the 400 year old line of archguardians, along with the help of three others set out to do just that, but when a storm leads them to discover the gargoyles' true intentions, their plan is tipped upside down.
   As a war of men is waged in her name and a battle between gods overshadows them all, Rysana must descend into the maze of tunnels and caverns that lie beneath Laceria's entirety to save the creatures she sought to destroy if she is to protect her people.

Short Stories
   From time to time you might see me posting some creative writing directly onto the blog - short stories or installments, or perhaps progressive character diaries on my far nerdier Warcraft blog - but, while I'd love for you to read them and give me any feedback you've got, good or bad (ideally constructive), unfortunately I must warn you that I rarely finish installments. If I'm in the mood to write - which is pretty much every breath, waking or otherwise - I would rather work on my next book than a small side-project. But that's not to say they won't be finished...just that it might take a very long time for me to do so. But feel free to browse what pepperings I've got:

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Of Ash & Dew


The Diary of Atherya Sunleaf

Fantasy World Building Tips
   I've also written a few posts about the things I've learned from writing, particularly around world building, so if anyone's interested in my process or looking for advice or tips on fantasy world building, hopefully I can help a little bit!

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