Thursday 14 November 2013

Vintage Styler Elva Product Review

  Vintage Styler are great if you want to make a statement. Their jewellery is showy and certainly catches the eye, and they have a new range now, too! I've talked about them on here before while considering gifts for a few of my friends, and I was recently given the opportunity to see their new range of art deco jewellery.

   I love their packaging. I am a huge fan of simple, plain brown packaging. I always choose to wrap my christmas presents in parcel paper, when I can, because they offer a lot of room for personalisation without making it look too busy. Vintage Styler's product packaging is so understated that it's a perfect contrast to their products.

   This 'Elva' necklace is to die for. There are a few things I particularly love about the piece, and that is the chain - the links are very long and wide - and the arrangement of clear crystals. Initially they look quite symmetrical, but upon closer inspection, they're really not. Despite a bit of an OCD, I actually love that fact. It makes them far more interesting to wear, I believe.
   It's quite a heavy necklace, you're totally aware that you're wearing it, but that's not a bad thing, and because of the necklace's features being so large, they stay as they are arranged once you put it on. It seems a lot shorter than it is, too, but it's actually a pretty perfect length.
   I'm not usually a fan of gold. I'll be honest, I always prefer silver, but this necklace wears the gold well. The cream accents really help to offset the gold, and the large amount of crystal also makes it more appealing as it ends up featuring very little gold.

      Vintage Styler's new range fall in the £20-£30 price mark, but there are a few pieces for under that. They ship internationally, and shipping within the UK is totally free, and will be delivered next day if ordered before 2pm. I love free shipping. It was packaged pretty safely, too, so nothing's been skimped on for the free shipping, which is always a worry for me.

   Overall, the necklace is amazing quality, packaging is superb, and the customer service is pretty nice, too! The website itself is easy to navigate and they have a lovely selection of art nouveau wedding accessories, too. Well worth a look if you're into the statement style.

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