Wednesday 27 November 2013

Last Christmas Purchasing Dates

   The last dates for purchasing in time for Christmas in my shops have been worked out. They don't quite match up with Royal Mail's, because Royal Mail's are the last posting dates. I've been sure to knock a few days off to make sure that I can put together any piece that's purchased so that I can get them shipped out by the dates I've been given.
   And so, the last dates in which you can purchase for what should be delivery in time for Christmas are as follows:

 Outside of the UK: 8th of December
Within the UK: 18th of December

   Please be aware that if you purchase after these dates, your purchase may not arrive in time. I'll do my best to get the items made and shipped as soon as I am able but be aware that the closer it gets to Christmas, the busier the postal services are, and the busier I am personally. Sales will come first, but please purchase by these dates to avoid disappointment.


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