Tuesday 12 November 2013

The Christmas Party Dress

   I was browsing about for inspiration for a new moodboard today, and I came across Spy Love Buy. There are some gorgeous shoes on there, and the twinkle that I was immediately greeted with on the home page promised a bit of festivity. Plus, since it's almost mid-November (what?!), I am allowing myself to gradually indulge in Christmas.

    I'm not much of a partier at all, really. I don't even drink alcohol. I don't even drink coffee. I'm not one of those stuck-up types that says "oh well I don't drink alcohol or coffee because it creases the skin or harms the soul or makes kittens cry." I just don't like the taste of either of them. I have a sickening love for chocolate, though, so I'm not totally innocent :P But! I do think that Christmas should sparkle and glitter, and so it is that I picked out these beauties. I love shoes like these, all hugely platformed and shapely. I owned a pair once. I walked about five feet then took them off. I'm guilty of having a few rather gorgeous pairs of shoes in my wardrobe, too, that will never be worn, because I refuse to get rid of them, or wear them. They hurt my feet! I am more fond of my trainers and giant monster feet slippers. But these ankle boots suit my secretly eccentric taste, but in a subtler way than they could do.

   In truth, I was slightly torn with this moodboard. I love both Christmas's festivities and its weather. I love the winter chill. I love bundling up in coats, jumpers, 10 pairs of thick socks and hot water bottles. It's the best, most comfortable time of year. And so I almost did a completely contrasting moodboard with this cosy pair of knee-high boots instead, but the glittery appeal of Christmas was too alluring. And so I give you a lovely does of Christmassy glitter, but with a more sophisticated tone. The crazier, cares-thrown-to-the-wind kind of Christmassy mood board comes later.

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NaBloPoMo November 2013

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  1. That dress is stunning, the perfect party dress! I like the cold too so I can snuggle at home; I'm not much of a party person either, though I do love my coffee!


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