Wednesday 13 November 2013

Sylvester Oxford - Shabby Chic Medicine Cabinet Review

   This is one for fans of shabby chic. I, personally, love it. I tend to like things that are quite neat and tidy, but I do like the aged look of shabby chic. Plus, to be honest, the whole 'white affair' is just beautiful. Seeg's mum gave me a gorgeous little white shabby chic drawer set that I use to store my shop's jewellery.
   I got this drop-dead gorgeous medicine cabinet from Sylvester Oxford. It's huge, at 35cm x 30cm x 13cm, but it fits just perfectly on the same shelf as my drawers. It's beautiful. It says 'Apothicaire' and 'L'armoire de m├ędicament' 'depuis 1779', and features a beautiful grey pharmacy cross on the front. Its door is perfectly hinged, and has a magnetic closure. Inside, there is a fixed shelf, making it easier to store your bandages, plasters, ointments and ibuprofen.
   The door is easily the main feature. There's plenty of empty space on the door for more decoration, but it's been kept to the bear minimum, but the gorgeous French font and fancy scroll work frankly makes the whole thing.

   It's actually much better quality than it looks - and it looks pretty good! It's quite a heavy piece, but that doesn't affect the shipping fee (ie free), and it's extremely sturdy. The only thing that concerns me about it is the whiteness - it's white all over, and inside, and you know how cough syrup bottles can get a bit sticky. But it's nothing that a good clean - of the shelves and the bottles! - couldn't correct, should it get dirty. It stands firmly, so it can be stood on a shelf, and also has two metal fixtures on the back upper corners to allow you to hang it up right away.

   It's really tidied up that specific shelf - sadly the others are in need of drastic organisation - and has stored away all of the toiletries I had stood to one side very nicely indeed. Sylvester Oxford has the most gorgeous range of shabby chic products, and others, and there are more pieces on there I have my eye on, such as this silver globe set. Um, yes please!
   Overall, I think it, and the website, are amazing.  There is so much choice, and the prices are perfectly reasonable, too! I would really recommend it if you're stuck for a gift for someone special and with such a taste this Christmas! Honestly, it's wonderful.

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