Sunday 17 November 2013

Gift Guide for Book Lovers

   I was speaking to someone only recently, saying that I wasn't likely to put together any gift guides this year. I decided, in the end, to say 'sod it' and just do it. There are a few days this month that I have no posts ready for NaBloPoMo, because I've been turning my attention to other things. I've done some great work with my book lately, and I've been working on painting a few things for Seeg's birthday which I'll post in a month. I can't risk him seeing it before his birthday!
   And so, because of that, there are a few blank days on my schedule, today being one of them.

   I know I did a gift guide for book lovers last year, but since books are always quite heavily on my mind, I decided to do a new one featuring other book-related items I've come across over the past year.
   Book jewellery (I'm allowed to put this here!) is another great gift for book lovers to make their passion known to anyone they meet. It can be loud, or it can be understated. This one is a bit of both. The colouring is mild, and it's not too large, but once someone notices it, they've noticed it. They're available as rings and necklaces.
   Personally, I look for a lot more than just pendants. There are countless numbers of pendants out there with book quotes and images but they just don't do it for me. I don't want to invite people to get so close to my chest to see what my pendant says. Instead I prefer to express myself a little louder, I like things to be unusual, but recognisable from a distance. And so it is that I make these pieces, and have included the few below from other places and sellers, too.
   How about a book bag for when they go shopping? I realise, of course, that a lot of shopping is done online these days - of course it is. The only time I ever go to an actual shop to buy things is when I'm looking for food. But there are still some people out there, like Seeg's dad, who likes nothing more than a good browse through a book store. Be it Waterstones, or a cute little family-run shop in a quiet corner somewhere. They're always quiet, too, despite the fact that no one is reading in there. A bookshop isn't a library, but I think we've concocted an idea that books are afraid of loud noises and might lose a few pages every time someone speaks. There are so many nice bags for books. I've always thought that these tote bags are best for books. I don't know why. Perhaps it's the simplicity of their cream colouring and the usually black and white print which makes them look slightly bookish themselves. It just works in my opinion. This particular bag is gorgeous. I love the quote from Dante, and I love that lovely feather!
   Of course, some people are so stupidly clever that they can make bags out of books, or books out of bags. It makes me sick, really, the talent of some people.
   Personally, I jam my books into my book case. I wedge them in where I can, and when I run out of room I start stacking them on top of others, and then in front. There is no room in my home for a new bookcase, or shelves, sadly. However, for those book fans with less junk in their homes who have the room to have such luxuries, book ends are desirable. And there are a lot out there. Some are clever, some are sophisticated, some are epic and some are just chunks of wood really. It depends on what you're after. Personally, I'd want dragon heads. But that's just me and my taste really. Not that I have the room for it anyway.
   I've had my eye on this bookmark for a while, to be honest. I love it. I love the shop, Mauve Magpie, too. I almost bought my friend a bookmark from them last year for Christmas until I decided on getting two actual books instead. The problem I have with bookmarks is that they never stay looking nice unless they're leather. I usually use cardboard or plastic ones, and then they bent and stay bent. Bookmarks, ideally, should either be soft enough to allow them to bend so they can bounce back, like leather, or should be hard enough that they don't bend, like metal. I like these bookmarks specifically because I love the designs, and the price.
   There are two leather bookmarks I also have my eye on, partially for collection's sake. There are two Middle Earth bookmarks by the incredible people at Weta - you know Weta, the people who are responsible for the creation of the props and costumes of movies like The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and then for other things like Halo and DOTA. There are so many things in The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings categories I want, namely the replica weapons. I'm a sucker for a good weapon replica! And theirs are the best since they're all made from the very same molds by the very same people that the originals were.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my work! (The little polymer clay book ring) As a book lover I adore everything you've collected together for this. I especially love those book ends - if only my bookshelf was empty enough to need them...

    1. Thank you ^^ your ring is really lovely! I love it when things stand out like that, so I just had to add it. It's totally different from the mass of cabochon settings and glass tops! ♥

  2. Thanks for featuring my bookmark!
    Loving the booky blog! Great to find a fellow traditional bookworm (shakes fist at Kindle)

    1. I don't have any wireless of any kind, so I couldn't use a Kindle if I wanted to! But I read almost exclusively fantasy, and any book I would read on the kindle is cheaper in paperback anyway! Plus I like the look of a full bookcase! They're like trophies - look at all the worlds I've been to! Look at all the laughter and tragedy I've experienced from that chair over there! What are kindle users going to have? Nothing! And they don't get bookmarks either, to your point.

  3. This is such a great collection of book related gifts! Love them all!
    Mauve Magpie is actually a local crafter to where I live and have had the chance to meet her in person and drool (not literally) over her crafty goodness! I've bought her "Just One More Chapter" bookmark and think I will be buying a few more for christmas presents at her next craft fair if I'm able to go! They are really good though and the ribbon on the end of them is such a lovely touch. The are very well made to so I would recommend that you buy one if you're able to!

    1. I've never met any seller local to me, so that's awesome! Just one more chapter indeed - it never is!! Love it! ♥ I'll keep your amazing review in mind! :D


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