Monday 4 November 2013

Blizzcon Cake

   After the trouble I went through with last week's crafting project, the Hallow's End sweets, I decided to do something simpler for this week's project. And I figured a cake was easy enough.
   Blizzcon is a gaming convention revolving around Blizzard's games - namely World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, and, now, Hearthstone. World of Warcraft is more or less the biggest name, but the other games do very well for themselves. The convention starts on Friday the 8th and I decided that a celebratory cake was a good idea. I'm not going to the convention due to my duties as a carer, and finances (it's in the US) but I have a virtual ticket, which basically allows me to watch live streamings of the panels at the convention, let's me rewatch them, gets me exclusive access to the Blizzcon section of the Blizzard store which is selling the same things as at the convention, and I get a few digital goodies too. I don't get a physical goody bag, sadly, but at the same time the convention can be a little too hard core. So I don't really mind.

   I decided to keep it simple and just put the Blizzcon logo on the top of the cake, cut backwards out of fondant. I had to cut it backwards because I was unable to roll it smooth on the surface, so I cut it with a backwards template and had to harden it before I could get it the right way around. Once I did that, I made the cake and frosted it. It could have worked out better, the fondant broke, but it could have worked out worse, too. Either way, as simple as it was, it ticked cake decorating off of the list! 
   As always, there are more pictures and info on The Wyvern's Tail.


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