Monday 11 November 2013


Watching: How I Met Your Mother season 8 - Seeg and I don't watch TV really, we have series we enjoy, but we prefer to watch at our own pace (read: all in a few hours) and in bed, so we wait for the DVDs to come out. I think HIMYM season 9 is already on the TV, but we only just got season 8 on DVD. We didn't really like season 7, it was far too serious and it had me in frustrated tears more than it had me laughing. Season 8, however, had me laughing more than most of the recent seasons. It was so funny, and so much better than the last few, so we were really pleased with that. I am, of course, also rewatching Avatar over and over again to the point I know all the lines through all three seasons, and when it starts I have to actively prevent myself from doing the water, earth, fire and air bending moves that occur at the very beginning of each opening sequence. I love it so much.

Listening: Well, Seeg has been playing parts of the Assassin's Creed 4 soundtrack and making me listen to it, so I've been hearing a lot of that lately - best AC soundtrack ever - but you know what I'm like with music these days.

Reading: The Lord of the Rings - I never realised how different the film is from the book, and yet despite that, the films are still good. I'm about to pick up Calling Mrs Christmas, however - yes, that's not a fantasy. How about that?!

Worrying: How my sales are going to go over the course of this month. I'm relying on them completely for Christmas presents, and then Seeg's birthday is 3 days after Christmas, so I have to cover that, too. I had a good November last year, but that doesn't mean that that'll happen this year. It could go better, or it could go worse. I'm also worrying about how my products will go down over at Lady Dinah's, and whether they themselves will like them. I'm very excited, but I really don't know what to expect. They may sell quickly, slowly, well or not at all. The bright side is that I get my unsold products back at the end if I want them, so as long as I can shift them, I'm not actually going to lose out on anything.

Looking Forward To: Oh my shit, so much. When November rolls around, my thoughts turn quite firmly to Christmas. I ignore almost everything else and turn my attention completely and utterly to December 25th and 28th. But because my birthday and Seeg's birthday are just two weeks apart, we celebrate our birthdays at once, between the two, and this year our plans are the same as last year: go out to dinner, and watch The Hobbit. I'm really looking forward to that!

Not Looking Forward To: The passing of Christmas. Seriously, I get major post-Christmas blues. The bright side is that, given the birthdays that fall immediately afterwards, I can ease myself out of Christmas, so it's not "HAPPY HAPPY CELEBRATION back to normal daily life". It's more like "HAPPY HAPPY CELEBRATION, Oooh Yay More CELEBRATION, Oh my BIRTHDAY but I'm getting a little tired of celebrations, and now back to normal daily life." I'm also very anxious about the end of November, like I said above I'm wondering a lot about my November sales, because it's those sales that dictate, really, how Christmas will go, so if the end of the month comes along and I've not done well enough, I'm going to be worrying, but at this point, atleast I know I still have plenty of time. I'm also anxious for Lady Dinah's review date, ie the date I get payed for what's sold. I'm hoping it's going to be really positive, but I'm worried they might tell me that I've only sold about 4 items out of the 24 I'm sending them.

Planning: Christmas. Or, trying to. I love to have it planned out - not, like, family activities or anything, it's very difficult to do that given my mum's disability. But I do like to plan out small details, like making the chocolate topiary I made last year (thank goodness I kept the pot/stick/ball, that'll cut down the cost and the time needed this year), or like surprise gifts, or household decorations. Cakes, treats and things like that, too. And then I have Seeg's birthday - special treats for him, surprise gifts on top of his expected ones, what to make for his cake, activities and so on. I enjoy planning things like Christmas, I love the season so much, but I don't think I could do it professionally because I'd want to participate in everything myself!

Juggling: So much. I'm trying to keep NaBloPoMo going on two blogs (I already missed a post on The Wyvern's Tail), I'm filling orders, I'm trying to get more orders, I'm trying to prepare for the inevitable eventuality that, sod's law says, will likely happen to my bigger purchases or shipments, I'm trying to return to my writing (yes, my post the other week did help, and, yes, I was more than ready to write that part), I'm trying to come up with Christmas tutorials for the blog, I'm trying to keep up with exercising (which I've been doing a lot better with lately since I found a spinning machine in the shed - I've added an extra 20 minutes onto every day's exercise, and I've also moved up to 2kg/4lb weights from 1kg), and I'm trying to find time amongst all that to hang out with Seeg, which is becoming more difficult now. There is one thing I am very pleased about, though, and that is that I don't sell plushies on Grumble Cave Monsters anymore unless they're premade, like my Christmas ones. Otherwise it's all patterns which is perhaps the easiest way to sell. As long as the patterns are clear and informative enough, I don't have to do anything except answer the occasional question, so I can carry on making money without getting weighed down by loads of extra work that, I felt, I wasn't payed enough to do (£25 for 6 hours of non-stop work, not to mention cost of materials and profit), even if I did love the finished products.


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