Monday 18 November 2013

New Leopard Jar Necklaces

   Yes, at long last, there are finally some new products in Peaches and Pebbles. I struggle so much to come up with anything worth trying, and even then they don't always work. I actually have about 4 different animals ready to go in jars, I'm just having a very, very hard time figuring out the bases for those jars. For example, I just cannot get anything that is solid but looks like water. I get on horribly with resin, and as far as I can see, fimo/sculpey and so on's 'clear' liquid clay doesn't work as well as it should. So I'm a wee bit stuck for some things.

   But, because three of my animal jars are about to go up in lady Dinah's Cat Emporium soon, I decided that I should try working on some cats. I've wanted to for a long while but never had the guts. I did it last night and once they were painted, I thought they looked pretty good. They look far, far better in person, mind you, but what can you do? Hopefully I'll be able to stock some similar with them after Christmas.
   Unfortunately, due to a shortage of jars and the amount of time they take to arrive, and the simple fact that I can't afford any at the moment, each of the leopard jars are limited to three. Even that might decrease in time - it depends on what sells! But it's best to consider that no more than three of each will be available this side of Christmas.

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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