Friday 22 November 2013

Fox Gifts

   So I said recently how big of an animal person I am, and I honestly can't pinpoint my favourite animal. I've had so many pets, all kinds of different creatures - some of them are animals people consider gross, but are in fact the most loving!
   There are, however, animals I go through phases of loving. That's not to say that I love them one minute and hate them the next. I just mean it in a sort of 'fad' way. And most of the animals I go through phases of are because of fads, even though I loved them anyway. But the fact that some animals become popular means that there are more and more products revolving around them and fuelling the fad. And so most of us can be forgiven for giving into such things.

   As a result, however, I decided to put together a few gift guides revolving around said animals. I'm going to start with foxes. I love them. They're like wild dogs, but they're not really dogs. I've seen them strolling around the streets and through the fields near my house at night, and I've heard them make their atrocious noises (seriously, I couldn't believe it when I heard them a few years ago for the first time, I genuinely thought there was an injured animal outside. It's chilling). I've also had them make a den beneath a huge, thick bush in the front garden, and the mother and four cubs have been playing in the street. Fortunately we live in a very quiet area, and in a cul-de-sac, so no one is ever speeding down the road so they're quite safe. They're lovely to watch, and I find them very appealing.

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NaBloPoMo November 2013


  1. I love themed finds and foxes are so, so wonderful, especially in the winter months when they stand out against the snow and frosty landscape... am having a hard time choosing my favourite from this selection but the little ring is exquisite...

    1. Foxes against snow are lovely indeed ^^ they're really pretty animals, and the ring is indeed lovely ^^

  2. So adorable. My late hubby and I used to visit the local beach were one fox used to sit on the side of the road every weekend (maybe other days but we were only there then) and people would visit him. Unfortunately he was doing it for food and became lazy and would eat junk food, so he was gigantic for a fox. I am loving that tea cup and ring you shared!

    1. That's a shame. That's the problem with feeding wild animals really, if they're fed enough they come to rely on it - what's the point hunting when you can just sit there and be given it?
      The tea cup is lovely isn't it, I've had my eye on it for some time! But then again, that goes for the majority of these pieces!


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