Friday 1 November 2013


   Well, I believe it's NaBloPoMo this November, so, like last year, I decided to participate again. And, this is my first post. Yes, it counts. Though I have upped the stakes this year by telling myself I'm going to do it both here and over on The Wyvern's Tail. So that's 60 posts instead of 30. Eep!

   I've not been blogging much lately, I've been very busy getting my shops ready for Christmas. I've got two new, limited edition baby monsters for Christmas in Grumble Cave Monsters, and...well nothing for Christmas yet in Peaches and Pebbles, in truth I'm just trying to stock up. My foxes are selling faster than I can make them! Still, it's a nice problem to have. I haven't forgotten the blog, though. I've also been working on The Wyvern's Tail, where I've been running some WoW-based competitions that have been going quite well. I'll be honest, I'm really, really enjoying the community, and blogging within it, and I've made some nice friends :D
You can buy them individually, or save money and buy them together!

   I've been working on some tutorials and product reviews for this month, too, so hopefully it'll be a good month! I've got a whole list of posts ready and still to write - I believe I'm ready.  I was going to do some very specific gift guides, too - I've done one, and got half way through another but it never ended up getting finished. If anyone has any suggestions - any suggestions - then let me know, it could be fun! Any passtime or passion you'd like to see a gift guide for - perhaps you have a relation that you need to find a gift for and you just can't figure it out. Just drop a line here or by email and I'll see what I can whip up! I want this month to be creative and/or informative, so if any of you have shops you'd like to be featured, then drop me a line, too, and if I like your products then I'll be happy to feature you - there's only one rule: you aren't allowed to get offended if I turn you down. I won't be doing it to be rude, mean or otherwise unpleasant, it's just because I, personally, am not attracted to your products. Just because I'm not doesn't mean no one else is! Also, if anyone wants or needs any products to be reviewed, do get in touch.

   So here's to another NaBloPoMo, and, hopefully, a rise in blog traffic!

NaBloPoMo November 2013


  1. Wow 60 posts! I can already imaging loosing my mind doing the 30. :) God luck!
    Dropping by from the NaBloPoMo linky :)

    1. Thanks! I think I'll need it. At least here I can post about whatever I want, but for my second blog I have to keep it relevant to the game the blog revolves around! Eeep! Good luck to you, too!

  2. Love your Holiday monsters. Found your blog on the nablopomo blogroll. Good luck with the 60 posts! :)


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