Thursday 14 November 2013

Remember These? Older Peaches and Pebbles Products

   Hey everyone! With Christmas around the corner, I'm thinking a lot about my shop, and how to promote. I'm not very good at it. I also got thinking about you lovely readers and how, occasionally, I will show my new products. But then it occurred to me: what about older ones? I'm not trying to push my stuff on you, but I know that, as an Etsy shopper myself, lots of shops tend to remove older products within 6 months. I don't usually do that, however, unless the product has turned out to be faulty, not worth the money, or not worth the time. As a result, there are a few things in my shop that have been there since it opened 2 and a half years ago, and there is a reason that they're still in my shop.

   Remember these? This little 3cm high jar was originally only available as a necklace, and has been in my shop since at least October 2011 (or that was when I sold my first one). Typically, it is used as a gift for ladies for anniversaries, weddings - even a proposal, once! - and it's done quite well. It soon occurred to me that women are more the touchy feely type to buy such a product, but why would they buy a necklace for men? They wouldn't unless it was just a trinket. So it became a keyring as well, and has done well in that form, too, making it perfect for your husband, groom, or boyfriend, while the necklace will suit a wife, girlfriend or bride.
   The little hand-written message rolled up inside it can be removed and read, but a copy of its contents is always included outside of the bottle as well. You can also tell it's an older product because of the photography for the necklace. It's not quite right, is it? £25/$40 a piece. Roughly. I'm not 100% about the dollars, to be honest, since I don't work in them.
   This little fella's first purchase was in October 2012, and has gone on to do very, very well, easily becoming my best selling piece. I've made other animals since but none of them match up in popularity. But because he's so small, he's a real nuisance to photograph. This jar is also only 3cm tall, and 1cm wide, leaving the fox itself about 5mm in size - really quite small. It's a great gift for anyone who loves whimsy, woodland animals and nature.
   The cream envelope ring was the third item I ever sold, and the oldest existing item in my shop. It was available in cream, pink and blue, but I never sold any of those. It was only ever the cream one. The necklace came into being a month later, which was also available in those same colours, but I eventually took them down and replaced the pink and blue with brown parcel paper. The brown ones haven't done as well as the cream ones, but they're popular in autumn treasuries. I also eventually started creating gift sets whenever I had a matching necklace and ring, and the gift sets usually save about £6/$10 compared to buying the products seperately, and shipping is saved, too, and I recently added another envelope necklace for an extra £2, but this one has a custom written address, making it a great house warming gift, or a memory gift for people moving away.
   The first of my heart in a jar necklaces was sold in January 2012, and has been popular for Valentine's day. I made it as a keyring once before, too, but I never added that to my shop. Still, you can always ask. Never any harm in asking anyone for anything, is there? It's also sold quite well, and I made a custom piece, once, with two hearts, each in a different colour for an elderly couple. That was a very sweet sale ♥

   I also admit that I need 8 more sales and I'll reach my goal for Christmas. And so, when I reach sale number 172 (that's total items sold, not orders placed), that person will get a special free gift! I'm quite excited!

   As always, my shipping in the UK is £1.50 with an extra 25p for additional products, and outside of the UK (rest of Europe, US, Australia and so on) it is £3/$5 and an extra 25p/40c for any additional item. The deadline purchasing dates for items in time for Christmas (according to the official charts from couriers) are as follows:
Europe: December 13th
UK: December 18th
Rest of World: December 10th

There's also a new gift wrapping service for an additional £3/$5 with festive Christmassy touches.
Just add the listing to your order the appropriate number of times, up to 3. The 4th, 5th, 6th, etc, items bought in the same purchase will be wrapped for free.

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