Tuesday 27 December 2016

Post-Christmas Etsy Sale

   Just a mini update while I recover from Christmas (and a migraine that, fortunately, waited until I had nothing on to strike) - there are a few promotions happening in my Etsy shop right now:
1. Spend £50 (or $50) in one transaction and get a £10 (or $10) Etsy gift card for use in any Etsy shop until the end of the 27th
2. Get 10% off in my shop until January 1st with the code CHRISTMAS1610
3. There's still free Christmas tea with all December orders!

   My next shipping date is Wednesday the 4th, and I'm presently putting together Valentine deadline dates - so now is a good opportunity to snatch up some handmade wildlife gifts for your friends and partners at a lower price!


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