Wednesday 7 December 2016

Free £10 Etsy Gift Card!

   Etsy have just launched an awesome promotion for new Etsy shoppers! Spend £50 (or $50) in your first transaction on Etsy and you'll get a £10 ($10) gift card back to use in any other Etsy shop! So buying Christmas gifts on Etsy just got even better! Buy a gift, get a gift!

   My shop is included in the promotion, so if you spend £50/$50 in a single transaction in Peaches and Pebbles, you'll get the £10/$10 voucher back. Alternatively, if you buy from another valid Etsy shop, you can use that gift card in mine! Yay!

The offer is valid until December 12th - that's just under a week away, so don't miss out!


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