Thursday 1 December 2016

Christmas Etsy Finds - Decorations

December is upon us! And so my Etsy Finds posts have a festive theme. It's true that last month I was still making festive posts - notably gift guides and crafts - but I didn't want to pile it on because not everyone loves Christmas as much as me...
   But because it is December rather than November, I've done my best to keep all of this month's Etsy Finds limited to UK sellers. After all, the deadline date for international orders from my own UK shop (barring Canada and Europe) is tomorrow, so the same can be said for buying from overseas.
As such, this month is about promoting UK sellers to UK buyers! And the posting will be more frequent, too.
First up: Etsy Christmas Decorations!

I made some feather Christmas tree ornaments a few years ago and quite liked them, so for the past few years I made a few sets and listed them individually. I have two sets left! These lovely red and white ones, and some more New Year themed black, white and silver ones. It's not my usual stuff, but it is a fun little thing to make and sell, so I never intend to make many.


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