Saturday 24 December 2016

It's Christmas Eve!

   It's been a funny sort of day, but a good one - I made some more cinnamon scones for the family, I had porridge with cranberries and a little bit of chocolate (a Hotel Chocolat tree decoration), and rather than write in my free time like you know I love to, I drew instead. I actually had lots of things I wanted to draw, but knew I could only manage one, so I decided on the one I felt was more likely to go well, despite it still being out of my comfort zone. I drew Daeaye, my World of Warcraft character, with Jukapa as a baby. She's a survival hunter and Jukapa is her main pet, a white gorilla, and I thought it would be cute to draw them both together, but him as a baby. It was tough with no references, and I'm very uneasy with digital shading, but I'm satisfied with how it came out as a quick piecex. I see so many amazing pieces on twitter because I follow quite a few digital artists, and while I wish I could be as good as them, I'm not prepared to put in the practice. I'd rather write. But here she is:
   It'll do; I'm clearly happy enough to share it!

   I also just started my Christmas sale - unfortunately I can only afford to give 10% off, but it's better than nothing! So from today until January 1st, use the code CHRISTMAS1610 for 10% off across everything in my Etsy shop.

   Tonight's plans are to scoff chocolate and watch Scrooged, while tomorrow I will eat everything in sight, as per the instructions in one Christmas card I received this year, and I will sing at the top of my lungs, badly, while wearing shiny clothes and forcing socialisation. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

   Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, I hope it's fat and safe. Be happy, be kind, and be thoughtful <3


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