Monday 19 December 2016


   I keep sighing to myself. I'm so relieved. This Christmas has been a nightmare and I'm so glad to put it behind me! I just got back from my final post run of the year, and even managed to ship out an order placed only 30 minutes before I left (5.5 hours after the deadline), and I've just made myself a delicious bowl of miso soup with egg and salmon, and once I've finished - taking my time, for once - I'm jumping in the bath. I've got a lovely penguin bubble bar from Lush that I can't wait to use. I managed to bag the only one on the shelf that still had a nose.

   The house is fully decorated, and now that it's the Monday before Christmas, I'm getting the tree chocolates out and hanging them up. I don't like to do it too soon because 1) they never last and 2) that's all my fault. So I've held them back until now instead. Though in fairness I did buy two boxes this time...of Hotel Chocolat mini crackers... It's Christmas! I don't care!!
   I'm doing my Christmas wrapping on Wednesday, and I've got a tiny box of chocolates to enjoy with that, too. I love Christmas wrapping, it's so much fun, I make a big thing of it - all the lights on, Christmas films, hot chocolate and chocolates, and I wheel mum in to enjoy it all, too - so, no, I don't eat the whole box myself. Only 80%.

   So, (she types, sighing happily again) I feel like a weight has been lifted. I've got a new Christmas film to watch, too - Arthur Christmas, which I bought after spotting it on Abi Bumbles - and Seeg and I will be watching Scrooged on Christmas Eve (again) with some festive yums, because food is epic. Half the reason we maintain movie night is for the treats, if I'm honest.

  And, last but most certainly not least, I finally have the time to write again! I've not turned on my laptop or even opened a notebook for about 3 weeks - and how's this for obsessive? I had a dream where my characters couldn't remember who I was because I'd "not written for so long they forgot who I am". Ouch. Well, things quieted down a few days ago and I managed to steal 2 hours to make notes, and I know precisely where I'm picking it all up from. Fortunately I finished and proof read a chapter the last time I worked, and as the perspective shifts in the next chapter, that makes it a little easier to jump back in. So I'm very excited.
   And on that note, I lowered the price of the Archguardians of Laceria on Amazon and Lulu to £2.99:

Amazon US     Amazon UK     Lulu (ePub; non-Kindle ebooks)

I am a very happy Kim today.


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