Monday 12 December 2016

Christmas Etsy Finds - Cards

I love Christmas cards - the colours and the glitter, even though it gets everywhere. Trouble is, I always buy more than I need. My Christmas cards list is really small - tiny family on both my side and Seeg's, and very few friends. So generally one box of fifteen cards will see both of us through very comfortably, with some left over.
But I still can't help buying about three boxes...
In case you hadn't guessed, today's Christmas Etsy Finds post features Christmas cards!
Have you sent yours yet?

   I am working on a way of incorporating my style into Christmas cards for next year, but for now, I'm adding my Christmas robin necklace to this one collection, because postmen! In Victorian times, the postman wore read and was called a 'robin' for it, and robins soon became associated with Christmas card deliveries. That's how the red-breasted bird has become associated with Christmas despite existing all year round.


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