Thursday 15 December 2016

Christmas Etsy Finds - Stockings

Christmas is just 10 days away!! I always hung my stocking prematurely - about a week before hand - even though my parents kept taking it down, telling me it had to go up on Christmas Eve or it wouldn't be filled. I gave in eventually, but now I realise the house was too cluttered with the mass of decorations to handle four 3-foot long stockings hanging on the wall for a week...
Anyway. For today's Etsy Finds post I've gathered together a few of what I think are the best sacks and stockings Etsy has to offer:

I have no sack or stocking to add to this list, but I'm cheeky so I'm still going to slip my handmade baby penguin necklace in as a stocking filler! This tiny terrarium necklace houses a miniature emperor penguin chick, who measures 1cm tall, and the jar itself is 2.5cm tall by 1cm wide.


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