Sunday 4 March 2018

BarreAmped Bounce - 4 Weeks Later

   Unfortunately, after another two weeks, nothing has changed. BarreAmped Bounce remains an ineffective gimmick. It was fun at first but quickly got boring, and while I stuck it out for the whole month, I feel like I wasted my time.

   It remains true that the barre moves involved are effective at lengthening and leaning out muscle, which is great for building sleek legs and a round bottom, but it also remains true that, without holding yourself accountable and taking the lead yourself, striking out from the instruction provided, the bouncing offers nothing but a lengthy and repetitive period of recovery.

   I've written a review for the DVD which goes live next Sunday and outlines the workouts, the structure and effectiveness, just as I do for any other DVD, but my verdict remains negative. The barre movements are all straight out of the original BarreAmped DVD, while the bouncing 'cardio' intervals are lacklustre - the standard options are something a child would do, and the 'advanced' options really offer the baseline of what you should be doing if you expect to get any kind of elevation to your heart rate.

   I have used BarreAmped, and BarreAmped Cardio Fat Burn, both of which are superior to this DVD. BarreAmped focused on barre, which is perfect if that's all you're looking for, while Cardio Fat Burn incorporated bodyweight HIIT circuits in a Tabata format that actually did a pretty good job of elevating the heart rate and burning calories, making it perfect for anyone looking to burn fat while practising barre.

   Otherwise, as I've said, this has been a pretty unproductive month as far as exercise goes, and I wouldn't recommend it even to a beginner.
   I've got something that promises to be better for the course of March and April, which I'll be introducing tomorrow, but even though February was supposed to be a month of active recovery and restoring energy levels, it turned out to be too low-impact and draining on enthusiasm.


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