Friday 16 March 2018

Friday Favourites

It has been a rotten week.
All the bad news came at once and it's all set to get worse. So I have been forcing myself to try to look on the bright side, to analyse things to pieces to try to find a speck of positivity. It is hard.
My eyes are also still shaking so I've not had the chance to do much work on my book cover, either, which sucks since there are only 2.5 weeks left for literary agents to get back to me (as a rule, if you don't hear anything in 12 weeks, you won't hear anything at all), so I'm preparing to self publish and that is the last step, so my eyes are holding me back.

All this kind of comes through this week, when gathering up my favourites I noticed that they were all quite light. I've watched Despicable Me 1 & 2 twice each in 2 days, Seeg and I devoured a box of Mini Eggs nest cakes in 5 minutes and we're not even sorry, and I've been opting for cheerful mugs like this 'Awakening' mug by my absolute favourite designers, Wrendale Designs.
The capris, I don't have. But I want them. To cheer me up and usher in spring.

Fabletics capris in Secret Garden print   ♥  Despicable Me
Cadbury Mini Eggs nest cakes   ♥  Awakening mug by Wrendale Designs


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