Sunday 18 March 2018

FitFlow - 2 Weeks Later

   Over the past two weeks, I've been getting up in the morning excited about my exercise because I know that I've got something new to do. And it's not just a new workout, it's a new type. I don't like to watch workout DVDs - or even take off the plastic - until I intend to use them, and even then I don't watch then move, I just learn as I go. And with FitFlow, I've not actually looked ahead at any point to find out what the next day or the next week has in store.
   Week 1 and 2 each gave me 2 HIIT workouts, 1 yoga, 2 FitFlow (yoga/HIIT fusion) and 1 core, all focused on different areas of the body. Week 1 had upper and lower body HIIT, lower body yoga, upper body FitFlow, total body FitFlow and core focus on the front of the body. The second week gave me two total body HIIT workouts, an upper body yoga, lower body FitFlow and core focus on the back of the body.
   Now, as I said in the original post, all the workouts average at about 12 minutes, and I've been doubling up every other day rather than doing one every day, and I think it's been the right choice. While they're not necessarily easy (looking at you, upper body yoga), they're not enough on their own - not enough time, exertion or work. If you don't have the time and generally do little to nothing, then FitFlow every day is great. But as I'm someone who does a lot and has done for a while, it's not enough.

   You could also ask "why did you begin it in the first place, then?" Well FitFlow Max was quite a bit more intense - hence 'Max' - and were each three times longer. But it wasn't just that. I love MacKenzie and Briohny as instructors, together and apart, and their instruction is the first access I've had to intermediate yoga. Their direction is great, I've gotten on well with it, and my yoga abilities are improving thanks to them. And I wanted more of their HIIT-Yoga fusion!

   But, for me personally, doing it once a day every day isn't enough. That feels more supplemental, something to join another workout done before or after. I had planned to double up every other day this month, and then I was going to repeat it in month 2 with one a day every day as intended in the program, but I think I will be wasting my time. That's not to say other people will, but it doesn't suit my goals, nor my personality.

   That said, I've been having other thoughts about my exercise lately that stem from something I took away from PIIT28 - changing my outlook rather than my body. I'm not going into it now - I'll give it some more thought, see if I can make it work, and then talk about it in a week or so - but if it works out, I think I can get more out of FitFlow in the manner I use it now.

   Either way, I'll blog FitFlow again in 2 weeks' time.


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