Sunday 4 March 2018

Weekend Favourites

It has been cold this weekend. So this week's favourites have taken on a bit of a theme. I'm sure you can forgive me.
You'll also notice that this post is a little late - it ain't Friday. But the end of this week, when I would usually compile the post, has been spent obsessing over writing, World Book Day promos - I'm sure you caught my World Book Day giveaway, which ends tonight - and Mother's Day promos. So it kind of slipped by and instead, all of that and the cold have dominated my mind this weekend. So:
PIIT28 - Because it made me believe I'd never be cold again - or at least that I wouldn't survive long enough for it to happen.
Love Brownies hot chocolate - I admit I bought it back at the end of December for the spoon (I love teaspoons) and never used it. I rarely drink my calories, but if there is any time outside of December when I'll allow myself something like this, it's when a polar vortex swoops in and gives us the first proper snowfall we've seen in 20 years. Supposedly, it was the first meteorological day of spring on Thursday.
Legend of Zelda Christmas jumper - Pulled it back out of the cupboard because BRRR.
Bahamas Swell bottle - It has been my best friend this weekend.

Finally, there is sun and blue in the sky this morning, and green on the ground.


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