Thursday 22 March 2018

Etsy Spring Sale!

   Yes, it's that time again! Etsy's site-wide spring sale event kicks off today and Myth of the Wild is proud to be a part of it! And it's the biggest discount I'm able to offer outside of Black Friday - which is 8 months away, so if you have your eye on a gift for an anniversary, Mother's Day, birthday or whatever, now is the time to buy! No code needed - everything's already been discounted!

   I've also outlined my Mother's Day order deadlines. Mother's Day in the UK has been and gone, but for most of the world it falls on May 13th, and in France on May 27th. So the order deadlines are as follows:

♥  Mother's Day Order Deadlines  ♥
Worldwide: April 20th
France: May 4th

   I've got book flower necklaces, rings and earrings, making the perfect gift for book loving mums, and, of course, plenty of animal jar necklaces for the wildlife enthusiast. And a few garden bird necklaces for gardeners!


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