Monday 5 March 2018

March & April: FitFlow

   After last month's poor workout choice of BarreAmped Bounce, I'm really looking forward to what I have lined up this month! Back in January I decided to make a change: rather than change my workout every month, I'm going to stick to the toughies for two months, and then drop down to something a little lower impact for one. December and January saw Killer Body, February saw BarreAmped Bounce, and now March and April will feature FitFlow.

   Yep, I've gone backwards. I featured FitFlow Max in November, a HIIT-yoga fusion on the yoga streaming platform, Cody, and instructed by MacKenzie Miller and Briohny Smyth. Well, FitFlow Max consisted of five 30-40 minute videos each used once a week for four weeks, while FitFlow consists of 28 videos averaging 13 minutes each, and a new one every single day. No repitition.

   I'll be using it for two months and I'm considering the format. I prefer to work out for a minimum of 30 minutes high intensity on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, with kickboxing on Friday, and I have recently introduced yoga into Tuesdays, while Thursday and Sunday remain rest days. If I follow the intended structure, I'll be exercising for 10-17 minutes a day six days a week, with a restorative stretch on Sundays.
   As I plan to use this for two months, I'm thinking about splitting it. The first month, I do it my way and get a feel for the workouts. On Monday, I will do Monday & Tuesday's workouts; Wednesday do Wednesday & Thursday's workouts; Saturday do Friday and Saturday's. This way I can find myself in the workouts and decide if breaking it down and doing it as intended will work for me, personally. If it does, then that is how month 2 will work.
   Though I admit, I don't much like the idea of exercising every day, even though it is broken down into different muscle groups. But it's something I haven't done in a few years and could be a good idea to try it again. The trick will be not overdoing it by tacking on extra circuits at the end. Perhaps some bonus cardio activity, but that is all.

   Either way, for now, I'm doubling up and working on it every other day, pushing hard and, hopefully, reaping the results.

   Unfortunately, Cody, the streaming platform, have abandoned their a la carte purchasing option in favour of a rather steep $20 monthly fee, which I hate, but I do understand the desire to make it all more accessible. Locking programs behind individual $20-$50 paywalls puts people off, while a $20 sub opens up the entire library. The trouble is, you have to keep paying it. That's not to say I don't think it's worth it - I've actually used the 7 day free trial to have a look (and a go) at some of the other programs, and they're excellent. But as a full-time carer and struggling writer, I can't spare that £17 a month. At least not consistently.
   Fortunately I purchased FitFlow Max, FitFlow and even FitFlow Vinyasa - which I have been using for Tuesday's yoga - before the change at the end of December, so I have permanent access to them without a sub, which is why these next two months are an option at all.

   No pretty new legs this month, though. I can't afford it, what with saving for a wedding and a honeymoon! A sacrifice immensely worth making!

   I'll be updating in 2 weeks, then again in 4 weeks, and then I think the best method is to leave the final update for the end of the second month - 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8/9 weeks - unless something significant changes at the 4-week point that could do with an earlier report, such as changing my normal workout structure.


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