Friday 9 March 2018

Friday Favourites

Ohhh this week. It's been immensely eventless. I've been making lots of notes on my writing rather than actual writing, so it feels like I've not done anything - though those notes should lead to a lot of work this weekend, so hopefully I can rectify that to stay on track. But because I spend a lot of time staring at white screens - Etsy, Blogger, Microsoft Word - my eyes get tired and every few months I get bouts of shaking where my vision won't line up or keep still. It's disconcerting, but a day away from screens usually helps, so last night I put loads of work into my exhibit pieces instead, cleaning out the loose grass in the jars. So tedious but it doesn't require screens nor looking too closely. I feel a bit better today, so I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be good to go and catch up on a week's worth of writing.

I'm also thinking a lot about my exercise. I've been using FitFlow for a week now and it's been pretty good, but I've been thinking about making some drastic changes to how I work out. Different set-ups, kit, goals and generally overhauling my attitude through activity. Last month's workout was so bad I started supplementing it with PIIT28, and something Cassey Ho said in that had a very sudden impact on me. I don't remember what her words were, nor if they were even intended that way, but I suddenly realised, while struggling through cardio HIIT, that if I focused my energy on changing my attitude rather than my body, I would probably see faster results. Rather than giving in to those 'I can't do it' and pausing for 3 seconds before going back into it, I should use that as an opportunity to change my attitude and push through. Put myself in uncomfortable situations - ie leave my comfort zone - and focus on mental strength. Trust in that, and the results will come in.

Otherwise, my favourites this week are pretty straight forward, and as much as I want the body of my dreams, chocolate is my vice and it's one I have managed to tame rather than have to cut out. I've learned to be satisfied by 1 piece of chocolate - truly, I'm not just saying that. It's about how you eat it, and I've always liked to melt it in my mouth until it doesn't exist any more, and I generally take small bites - one chocolate will last me 3-4 bites, and when each nibble is melted, the texture and flavours appreciated, it can take me 2 minutes to eat 1 chocolate, by which point I'm very happy.
Of course that doesn't apply at Easter. Give me an egg. A matcha Easter egg. Ohh yes please. But I believe I've already been bought an egg so Teapigs & Rococo have come in a little too late. But look at that swirl! It's so pretty!
And Mr Bean - it's one of those things that almost physically hurts to watch, like one of those disasters you can't look away from...and yet you keep coming back to it. I've watched it 3 times this week. While working on my shop or notes, of course, but still. And when I say '3 times', I mean both movies. Each.
I have a problem.


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