Tuesday 18 November 2014

Youvember Progress - Still Time To Participate!

   How is your Youvember coming along? Not started yet? It's not too late to join in! Just do something for yourself to decrease the Christmas stress - plan a relaxing day out for you and your friends or just you alone, put together a Christmas plan to make sure everything is done in time, start or finish a craft/DIY project you've wanted to forever, take the plunge and start working out or eating right before the Christmas binge, clean out that spare room and finally get that ticked off of your age-old to-do list. As long as you're able to breathe easier and face the Christmas hype with a smile, you've done yourself good.
   And remember that just by participating, you are eligible to win one of the four prize bundles shown below! All you have to do to enter is prove your eligibility. Between November 25th and December 9th, send me an email with either a link you a blog post you've written about your Youvember - how your new workout is going/went, before/after pictures of that once-neglected spare room, the completed craft project, an introductory post to the blog you finally decided to start. Or, if you're not a blogger, just email me a picture and a paragraph about the same thing you would have put in a blog post if you had one.
   Along with your proof of eligibility, you can also state which of the four bundles - Christmas, fitness, craft or feel-good - you'd like to win. There will be four separate draws, one for each bundle, so all 4 winners will win their desired bundle.

   The email address you are to submit to will be posted on the blog on November 25th, and you'll have up to and including December 9th (2 weeks) to email me your entry. It's so easy, and by making the effort to destress and take time for yourself to make Christmas a little easier, you can win some amazing goodies! For full info on the prize bundles and their contents, see this post.


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