Sunday 9 November 2014

My Youvember - 4-Week Plan

   I said that I'd have the beginning of my Youvember project done by Wednesday. Guess what? I failed. My Youvember project is to get my Etsy shop organised before the Christmas rush, but it seems I was a tad too late, and my intentions of having my shop's organisation plan put together by Wednesday the 5th was waylaid by a surge of sales. And so, unfortunately, I didn't get my plan done until yesterday, Saturday the 8th. But, at least it's done!

   I wrote down everything I had to make and collect, how long it would take to make each thing, my priorities and so forth, and then organised them all into 4 weeks' worth of work. And I'll tell you what, just doing that alone has really helped to settle my mind. I now know exactly what has to be done to prepare for the Christmas rush, because they're only going to increase from this point on.
   Since the sales have already started, however, I prioritised to work alongside my current orders. My first week, as of the 10th, is to make grass and snow jars on Monday, and then book flower rings and necklaces, 5 of each, a day, and each day from a different book. These are the longest projects because there's a lot of drying time involved which can be quite frustrating, so it's something I need to have done first. The second week is made up of making batches of clay animals that sell the best, like foxes and badgers, and painting them the next day. The third week is made up of preparing thank-you notes, envelopes and packaging - these are things that don't take long and can be done upon receipt of orders, but sales tend to increase in urgency towards the end of November, so I want to make sure that I've got lots ready for last-minute overseas orders, as well as the products themselves.

   As you can see, I've got one square per week. Each square planner has a small pad of paper beneath the decorative square with about 10 pages on it, each of which representing a day (plus a few spare for notes in case something goes wrong). This has made everything much easier for me as everything's been broken down and it all feels completely managable for once, not to mention that every day has a task to complete - among others, admittedly, but my shop has priority.

   So, I'm setting to work on day 1 of my plan tomorrow, preparing little jars. I'll post again at the end of the week to show my progress ^^

   How is your Youvember coming along? And don't forget about the huge Youvember prize bundles you can win simply by participating!


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