Saturday 22 November 2014

Fitness Gift Guide

   Christmas is fast approaching, and shopping is well underway. But it's not always easy, is it? Especially when the person you're shopping for has a passion for fitness. What on earth do you buy them? Well, I put together a gift guide of some of the best fitness gifts out there at the moment to make your job a little easier.

Fitness clothing is always a good investment, and you can never have too much! New fitness and activewear can also really help to boost motivation in workouts - buying them a new piece of clothing could actually help to improve their workout, and that's something they'd thank you for!
I love Fabletics because they've got such a unique range of styles. So many of their tops have stuff going on at the back that really makes them scream. I love this amazing Norwalk Tank - it's got an amazing back, but the pattern is also amazing, and the grey tones really hit the spot for me. Plus, the best part about Fabletics, is that by signing up and becoming a VIP, which is free by the way, you can get your first outfit - top, bottoms, and sometimes even a jumper/jacket/bra - for just £22, as long as you purchase within 2 hours of signing up! VIPs also get better prices across the board, so Fabletics is a great choice.

DVDs are a great fitness aid, especially when someone is too self conscious or too busy to get to a gym, or simply can't afford it. Believe it or not, dream bodies can be achieved at home if you know what you're doing! 10 Minute Solutions DVDs in particular are a great place to turn to. Each DVD features 5 separate 10 minute sections - dance DVDs have 5 different dance routines, strength DVDs have 5 different strength circuits and usually focus on different areas of the body, kickboxing is a mixture of the two and so on. There's something for everyone - even mothers-to-be! The 10 minute sections are easy to follow and fit into their day, and it's also makes a great warm-up for more advanced fitness freaks. They're informative, enjoyable, and just easy enough to encourage you while still offering a challenge. 
I love the Dance It Off and Tone It Up DVD - 3 10 minute dance routines, all of which are very different from one another, one includes an introduction to abdominal isolations, while the final 2 10 minute sections offer resistance band workouts, one for the upper body and one for the lower body.

New yoga mats are great for the yogi in your life. They come in so many different designs and can be used in a variety of different workouts - not just yoga and pilates, but also for body weight training, offering a non-slip surface for planks, push-ups, abdominal reaches and so on. They come in a range of prices, from £10 from USA Pro to £75 from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats. They're a must-have piece of kit, and you can never have too many! Several yoga mats are easier to utilise than several sets of the same weights.
I love this prosperity mat from Gaiam. I've had my eye on it for some time and I WILL get it at some point. Gaiam mats also come with a free downloadable yoga workout, and Gaiam also sell kits with a yoga mat, block and bag to get people started.

But it's important for both you and the recipient to realise that there's nothing wrong with a little bit of indulgence at this time of year as long as it's not over done. Keeping away from boxes of chocolates while everyone else is nibbling on them can get people really down in the dumps. It's far better to have a little something good than nothing at all, and this stands for everyone.
I love this luxe chocolate box from Hotel Chocolat. 43 gorgeous chocolates in Christmassy flavours, including mulled wine! Everyone needs a little indulgence!

Are you shopping for your lady? Because there's nothing better than a little bit of lingerie. Losing weight can really do wonders for self confidence in the nude, and some gorgeous lingerie can really help make her feel even more gorgeous. It might sound cliche, but at the very least, I find it's true.
I love this Clara set from Bravissimo. The black and gold is so festive and so elegant, and comes in D-J cups. Plus, for every bra you buy from Bravissimo you gain 1 reward point, and once you've collected 10 reward points you can choose a free bra up to the value of £30! I love Bravissimo, because they

A personalised gym towel - I know I want one! It's one of those essentials that would make a really thoughtful gift, not to mention something that they would notice over and over again. Whenever I'm working out hard enough to pick up my gym towel - which is every day, lately - I find myself taking notice of the embroidery detail every time. My mind is so focused on my workout that I'm thinking about nothing else until I stop to take a breather at the end of the circuit, which is when I pick up my towel, at which point my attention is grabbed by the detail. So, suffice it to say, it really would be one of those things they'd appreciate time and time again. That little bit of personalisation is wonderful, too.
I like this embroidered towel by Merci Maman Gifts. Any wording you want in any thread colour!


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