Tuesday 25 November 2014

Trip to the Netherlands; Delayed Orders

   We received some sad but not totally unexpected news last night. Seeg's grandmother, 89, fell ill with a lung infection two weeks ago. She's been in the hospital since with an oxygen mask, but unfortunately, due to her Alzheimer's, she didn't help her situation by constantly removing it, forgetting why she needed it. She was sent home around the end of last week as she appeared to be doing better, but unfortunately she took a turn for the worst. Deciding that the oxygen was merely prolonging her suffering, they began to ween her off of it on Monday. Last night, she passed away with her family around her.
   Her funeral is taking place on Friday, but as my father is home from work with a few pre-booked days off, I'm able to accompany Seeg for support to the Netherlands. We'll be leaving Wednesday night and coming home Saturday morning, but unfortunately this means that there may well be a delay in processing orders placed in my Etsy shop. I usually post on Mondays and Thursdays (in December the number of post office trips a week will increase, however), but I'll be unable to make Thursday this week for obvious reasons. I'm going to post as many orders as I can today and tomorrow afternoon, but unfortunately this does mean that some orders that would have been shipped on Thursday won't be leaving until Monday. My processing times do state 3-5 working days, and this certainly won't change as I'm only losing 2 days of crafting time for what is a very good reason.
   All orders that will be shipped on Monday will be notified as soon as I know that I'll be unable to get them out tomorrow.

   Peaches and Pebbles will not be closing as it's only 2 days I'll be delayed, and the 3-5 day processing time is usually an over-estimate that I've put together in case the Christmas rush is greater than expected. Orders placed on a Thursday or Friday wouldn't have been posted until Monday anyway, and as I return at about 10am on Saturday, I've got plenty of time to fulfill these orders. It's only the orders placed over the 24th to the 26th that are likely to be affected.

   This is all very sudden and a very sad time, so I hope that my customers will be understanding. As I've said, I will process existing orders as quickly as I can. The Christmas deadline dates, shown below, won't be affected:

Australia & New Zealand: November 24th
Europe: December 1st
USA & Canada: December 6th
UK: December 18th

   These are not the dates given by Royal Mail. Royal Mail's dates are shorter than this, but as the company has become privately owned rather than public since earlier this year, I'm expecting delays a little longer than usual. As a result, I've changed the deadline dates to try to compensate for that.


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