Tuesday 11 November 2014

November Workout Adjustment

   I'm really, really sad to have to say this, but it seems that this month I've met my match. But, while I'm sad to say it, I'm also proud to be able to admit it.
   Simply put, I don't think I have the stamina to keep up with Insanity, even just the taster routine from Women's Fitness magazine. I can perform each move with no problem, but my issues are with the set-up instead. I cannot perform each move for 30 seconds straight and move onto the next move without stopping. Each set, in theory, should take about 2 to 2.5 minutes (if you have to alternate sides). 2 minutes without stopping doesn't sound like much, but the moves, while they look simple, are incredibly taxing. I can complete the first circuit, but when it comes to beginning the second, I slow down. By the time the third comes along, I'm stopping prematurely. Then when I move on to the second routine and try to do even one circuit of that, I'm on the floor. Don't get me wrong, I truly gave it my all, but I just can't keep up with it, and given that beginners and advanced are supposed to be following the same formation of 3 circuits of each routine, there's no modification. The routine is precise, and every aspect of these routines, and many others, are put together for efficiency. It might not seem like it, but stopping after 20 seconds of a set and then doing the remaining 10 seconds after a 10 second breather does decrease the efficiency, and when a workout is this hard, you want to get the most out of it. But the trouble is that at the level I'm doing it at, I'm not getting out of it what I could be, but rather I'm getting what I would get from another routine - not necessarily easier, but requiring slightly lower stamina.
   To be fair, it's called 'Insanity' for a reason.

   So, I decided, for the first time this month, to wave the white flag and subsititute in another routine far closer to the pilates one I was doing last month. But there are more reasons for this than just that mentioned above.
   1: by performing the circuits on a sub par level, I'm not getting out of it what I should be, but rather I'm getting the equivalent of an easier workout. So I figure I'm better off picking out a slightly easier circuit - bear in mind that the one I'm switching to is still challenging, though it really doesn't look it - that can still challenge me but is still in my ability to maintain the circuit. That way I may even get a better workout than I currently am from Insanity if just because I can keep up. It's not always about the workout itself, after all. It's about doing it right and doing it consistantly. It makes all the difference.
   2: I've come to dread Insanity, and that drains my energy before I've even begun. This means I end up working at an even lower level, again, affecting my performance and results. By changing the routine to something still challenging but a little easier, I'll be more than happy to do it, and that will keep my energy and enthusiasm up.
   3: last month I did an alternating routine; two circuits designed side by side but to be done on alternating days. The kettlebell workout and Insanity workout I chose this month were not designed that way, but while the kettlebell workout is similar, though with more and different moves to last month's, the Insanity workout is far higher impact than the pilates, and is designed to be done on its own. As a result, I may well be pushing my body too hard and that will affect the efficiency of both workouts, as well as the ultimate results.


   The workout I'm substituting it with is the Booty Barre - it's a mixture of pilates, dance and yoga, and while the moves appear quite easy at first glance, the performance of each move and maintaining a circuit is actually tough, and by the end of it you will seriously feel it in your muscles. The moves use most of your body, which is what you need, and you're repping in and out without holding them so the cardio is brought in, as well as the contraction and release of muscles, which helps to power them up and burn more calories.
   It's a simple circuit, beginners do 8 reps on each side and intermediate/advanced to 16. I'm doing two circuits, and while there is one move I can admittedly only do 8 reps of, the abdominal reach, the rest I can do 16 reps of. It's still a workout that will make you sweat, but unlike Insanity it is also a lot calmer and I don't feel any dread towards it at all.

   I am feeling quite rotten to have to forfeit to a workout so soon, but after a week of use I can see it's not something for me. Usually the first day is tough but I adapt very quickly to be able to perform the moves on the second or third day, but not this time. I struggled each time, and not in a good way. It is simply beyond my capabilites, at least for now. But I also know that, ultimately, this is the right decision. I will get a more effective workout in the end than I would by struggling and doing it wrong, and while the results may well not be as good as they could have been had I completed Insanity on a good level, I know that that wouldn't have happened. So, I'm also proud of myself that I've been able to realise this rather than plug away at something I can't do. I'll try again another time.


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