Wednesday 6 February 2013

UK Valentines Order Deadline Dates

   Following in VividPlease' lead, I thought I'd remind you all that the UK purchasing deadline date for Valentine delivery is approaching. For guaranteed Valentine delivery within the UK please purchase by Friday the 8th. Purchases made afterwards could well still arrive in time, but purchases made on Wednesday the 13th probably won't.
   The deadline date for overseas orders was January the 24th. Orders placed the week after that date might still arrive in time but orders placed around the 30th and afterwards probably won't. Obviously, overseas purchases made now won't arrive in time at all.

   The exclusive Valentine fox in a jar necklaces in Peaches and Pebbles will be available until the 28th of February, and then they will disappear, only returning in January 2014. This also goes for the Valentine foxes in snow.
   The exclusive and limited edition Valentine monster plush in Grumble Cave Monsters will also be available until the 28th of February, or until all 6 have sold. If any are unsold, they will disappear and return January 2014. If they all sell, then a new batch will return in January 2014.
   If you'd like either of these products, snatch them up quick. I cannot guarantee a post-Valentine's Sale.

   Other pieces marked as 'Valentine's Day' will be kept on, available for purchase all year round - these items are the personalised message in a wire wrapped bottle necklace, the personalised message in a wire wrapped keychain, and the hanging heart in a jar necklace. These are appropriate for Mother's Day, anniversaries, and just to say "I love you".


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