Tuesday 12 February 2013

Moodboard: Teal Scales

   I've wanted to do moodboards for some time now, but I lacked the motivation to start. However, I recently found a way that works for me! Products catch my eye for certain reasons. Sometimes it's the product itself like a dress or a ring, sometimes it's the unique style it might have, like the cut or materials used, and sometimes it's simply colour and pattern.
   In this case, it was colour, pattern, and product.
   Wellies are amazing, frankly. Shoes that are designed to get dirty. They were my favourites when I was a little girl because if I had to put wellies on it could only mean one thing: muddy puddles. And that was (is) a lot of fun. I don't do festivals - too many people, too much noise, not enough loos - but if I did, I think the wellies would be my favourite part.

   So when I saw these gorgeous teal snake print wellies I got very excited. I actually have a pair of open toe heels - eventhough I hate heels - that I bought purely for the fact that they were turquoise snake print. I had my eye on them for about a year before I finally wasted my money on them. I love those useless little things.
   But these wellies by Hunter, are on my new wishlist. The new blue-green snake print footwear that has grabbed my full attention. I love these things. And so, they easily sparked a moodboard of similar colours and natural patterns. So prepare yourselves for moodboards inspired by products that catch my eye. I think this is probably the easiest way of making them :D

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  1. Oh, this is wonderful surprise!
    I love this color.
    Thank you for sharing and for including my snake necklace!

  2. Amazing teal collection!
    Thank you for including my leather bracelet :)


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