Thursday 28 February 2013

Mother's Day Marshmallow Cakes

   With Mother's Day right around the corner, I thought I'd share with you a really simple but delicious treat! Using a standard cake mixture and marshmallow mixture, you can make yummy squishy bites!
   I had a fat day making these, because I was making biscuits to start with, then decided to make a marshmallow mixture, and then I ended up making cakes as well because Seeg walked passed shouting about cake. Luckily we had just enough sugar, so I got to it all.

   It's really simple to do. You make your cakes - I added yellow food colouring to mine, which usually doesn't work out if they start to brown, but I happened to check on them at exactly the right time this time. Once your cakes come out of the oven, let them cool. I would suggest making the marshmallow mix only once they come out of the oven. While you make the marshmallows, which can take half an hour, the cakes are given the chance to cool.
   Once they are cool, use a spoon and dug downwards into the top-middle, going in a circle, as below, and on the final dig that will join the circle, you can scoop it out. The depth depends on how far you dig, and the size on how far out you dig.

   Once you've dug yourself a little bowl from the cooled cake, you can spoon in some of the marshmallow. Bear in mind that the marshmallow will gradually set while it's standing there - it may take 4 hours to overnight to fully do so, but the texture will certainly change if it's sat there untouched for half an hour. If you plan to make actual marshmallows from this same mixture, I recommend moving the majority - if not all - of the mixture into your chosen container, and spoon bits out as you need them. Then, once you've got your marshmallow into a cake, pop the top back on. Be sure you put the tops back on after you've done each one, because, as I said, the mixture may start to set, and that will affect how well the "lid" will sit.


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