Wednesday 27 February 2013

Garden Moss Terrarium

   I've always wanted to make a terrarium. I love moss - I love how rich the shade of green is. There's moss growing on rocks in the garden and it looks lovely, but any time I've looked into how to go about it it's always called for seeds of this and that which, to be honest, I can't be bothered to maintain. I really don't have green fingers. Honestly. Any plant I get I manage to kill through neglect. It's terribly cliche, but...well, what do you do with a plant? Give me a dog - hell, any animal - and it'll live in luxury, never bored and never alone.
   Anyway, no, anytime I read how to do it it just seemed too much work for something so small. It's strange, though, how the obvious solution was such an obvious solution that I didn't even notice it.

   Like I said, the moss was growing on rocks. After looking up simple garden moss it became obvious that it didn't need soil, and little to no watering. Moss doesn't have typical roots, it has little...I don't know, suction leg thingies that cling to the surface it decides to grow on. All you really need at the bottom of a bowl is gravel or wood or something. Most people use soil for their terrariums, regardless, because it looks more natural and earthy.
   So, the other day, I grabbed an unused fish bowl, a knife and a spoon and headed out into the garden. I'd read that if you use soil, you want to use more acidic soil because the moss will prefer it, but it doesn't really matter. Either way, using my awesome gardening tools, I scooped up what I happened to know was acidic soil from a corner of the garden, layered the bottom 1 and a half inch of the bowl with it, and then moved over to the greenest moss in the garden, which was growing on a stone bench, and used the flat of the knife to scrape the moss off as the interwebz told me to. I arranged it all in the bowl as I liked it, and used a rock from the garden to cover up a bare patch I couldn't quite cover.
   Garden moss doesn't do much for refreshing oxygen, but it at least adds a bit of green to a room. I have a few things in mind to make for it, which I'll get to in time. For now, though, the green jar will do.

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