Monday 18 February 2013

This Weekend...

   This weekend was great. We didn't do anything - so it wasn't much different to usual in that respect - but somehow it was still the best weekend I've had in a long time. Seeg played on his laptop while I played Skyrim on the Xbox. I played on my secondary character, a Nord Warrior (very original choice, I know), and built Heljarchen Hall. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
   This lasted the whole weekend. The sun was shining outside so bright and warm that it lit up our place amazingly. I was feeling positive all day every day, and I was so comfy wherever I was. I slept so well, didn't stuff my face with chocolate, and felt so refreshed each morning.
   I had new ideas for Grumble Cave Monsters which are monster-related but NOT plush toys, and I had some ideas for new Peaches and Pebbles jewellery that I hope to work on soon. I got some writing done and did more work on the plan, so the story is getting better and better now, and when I woke up this morning I easily jumped out of bed and did more exercise than I have in months.
   And it gets better, because this morning my glittery ammonite earrings were featured on Etsy's front page, giving Peaches and Pebbles a little well-needed boost.

   There's a chicken and stuffing sandwich on the cards for lunch today, and my lovely friend Vicky of VividPlease has put together her first treasury - and quite frankly, it's one of the best I've seen. Mint has got to be my colour crush at the moment.

How was everyone else's weekend? What did you get up to? Anyone catch any awesome
post-Valentine bargains? If you're still looking, my pink fox in a jar necklaces are at
a new lower price, and there's only one Valentine monster left - and he's looking a bit lonely.

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  1. How exciting Kim! I love finding out about your new ideas - you make such awesome stuff... so awesome, I created my first treasury in your honour ;D Fingers crossed for more of those front page features and a plethora of sales :B xx


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