Friday 15 February 2013

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The geology of Skyrim. A geologist who started playing Skyrim noticed how much sense the rock formations and ore placements made. Apparently she couldn't help noticing it and really enjoyed looking into it. She sounds like one awesome lady :D

Lovely colourful artwork by Bryony Crane. I swear I don't just love it for the dinosaurs.

A machine that carbonates drinks at home. How awesome is this?!

Pancake plushie by The Crafty Button UK

A brand spanking new 10 Minute Solutions dance DVD - it came out at the end of November, and I didn't see it before now because I always search "10 Minute Solutions Dance", but it doesn't have "dance" anywhere in the title. So I'm very excited about buying that one in a few months!

My guest pinner board - Melita from Coffee Break has been pinning for me this week! She's been a wonderful first pinner, and is with me until Wednesday! If you're interested in being a guest pinner for me, read up on the rules here and let me know!

A meteor hit Russia this morning at 5:20 (GMT) - just 6 hours ago - injuring 500 people. The video below shows several clips recorded from cars. A meteor is passing very close to earth today and tomorrow (15th & 16th), closer to us than the moon is, I think. This is likely a fragment of it. The meteor that's passing us is about 50m in diameter.


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