Thursday 31 January 2013


   I'm really quite excited. As some of you well know, I love fossils. I do. I think there's something so ridiculously amazing about these remnants of creatures that lived millions of years ago. I have a small but lovely fossil collection of my own, my favourite piece being the fossilised eggshell fragment, which was also the first thing Seeg ever gave me. It is just a small piece of an enormous Titanosaur egg, and if you hold it horizontally, you can even see the slight curvature. But what I love the most about it is the simple fact that it used to be an egg. Whether it contained a fertilised embryo or not is just part of the mystery. The egg may not have even hatched. I just find it remarkable that something so delicate and important to life has managed to last so long.

   I decided that I wanted to take this passion further, and develop it into something other people would like. And so I decided that jewellery was obvious. But I've seen fossil jewellery. 90% of the time it's just the fossil drilled and strung onto a chain or fixed to a ring base - and that really is fine. The simplicity does appeal to me and many others. But what I wanted to do was more showy, and it's what I've done.

   They differ to my usual products massively, which is why they've been put in a new shop section, and named differently. Ediacara. The word 'Ediacara' is the name of a geological time period - one of the first - and comes from the Ediacaran Hills in Southern Australia, where there is a fossil sea bed. That fossil bed contains fossils of some the earliest known multi-cellular life, as well as the first creatures, that we know of, to be able to move, rather than being rooted to the seabed. I find that just astounding, and the word itself is not too shabby.

   The new shop section is appropriately named within Peaches and Pebbles, and products from within Ediacara and the rest of Peaches and Pebbles can be purchased together. The prices of Ediacara are my other products. This is due to the nature of the items involved, but quality and everything else has been increased to match, including sterling silver rings and chains, free recorded delivery within the UK, and recorded delivery for the rest of the world, too, as standard.

   I'll stop babbling now, and show you the first of the products to be listed. I hope you like them, because I bloody love them.

   There are other pieces listed at the moment, too, and more to come! I'm so pleased
with how they all turned out, and they all mean so much to me!

50% off coupons cannot be
applied to Ediacara purchases!

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