Tuesday 29 January 2013

Pinterest - Guest Pinners

   I've not tried this before, but I thought why the hell not? I've been bumbling about on pinterest for some time now, and I often see "guest pinners" pinning really amazing things on other people's boards. I usually end up repinning some of it myself, but my pinterest feels like a very one-sided operation with little to no look-in from anyone else. I know for a fact that I'd love to be asked to be a guest pinner.

   And so, I figured, since it certainly doesn't cost anything, that I could create a guest-pinner board, and each week or so have a new guest pinner. There would be regulations, however:
1.   The guest pinner can pin blog posts, websites, products and tutorials, but they must not pin their own. One or two wouldn't hurt, certainly, but only pinning their own is a waste of everyone's time, because they probably won't pay much attention. Pinterest is a visual platform, so lots of different colours, image types, and different contents are what make Pinterest work.
2.   The guest pinner would also need to pin a minimum number of things over a certain number of days - I wouldn't want my guest pinner to pin 3 things on the first day, two of them links perhaps to their own stuff, and then never post anything again. The week would be wasted. As a guideline I would ask for a minimum of 5-7 pins every other day.
3.   Because of the minimum number of pins, I would also suggest that if you wanted to be a guest pinner, you make sure you have content ready to pin before it's your turn. I know for a fact that if I asked someone to be a guest pinner today and started my turn tomorrow, I'd have little to nothing to pin but my own content, and that of friends. If I had a week or two to prepare, however, I would certainly have the time to find content and meet the minimum quota.
4.   The guest pinner can choose to pin for either 7 days, pinning every day, or 10 days, pinning every day, or every other day. This is so that people who do not pin as frequently have time to collect pins, and people who do pin frequently can do so at their leisure.
5.   Religious, political, nudity or animal cruelty pins are not allowed and will be deleted immediately.
6.   Most of the people who follow me on pinterest follow me for the pins in the craft section, so I would assume that crafts would be the best thing to pin. Crafts include but are not limited to the following:

• Recipes
• Make up/Nail art
• Artwork (no nudity)
• How-tos (the more original, pretty, and unusual the better - we want to stand out, afterall!)
• Cute ideas (kids birthdays and things like that)

    Because this blog is small, I will ask you all - if anyone is interested - to send me an email with your name and an example link you would pin so I can get a feel of what you would contribute. This is the board.

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