Monday 7 January 2013

Valentine's Products

   It's a bit late, but I was delaying this post until my Valentine's monster was done, but it's taking a little longer than I thought to complete it. Hopefully it'll be ready in a day or two, so I'll update you all then!

   For now, these are my valentine products. The heart jar was around last year, but my pink foxes are a new addition! These are all limited, and there are purchasing deadlines set: for the US and other countries, orders must be placed by the 24th of January, and for the UK, they must be placed by the 6th of February. Any orders placed after this date may not arrive in time, and international buyers cannot rely on special delivery, because the few times I've used it it's just taken just as long to arrive.

I'll make an update when the monster is ready!


  1. Ah!!! *flail* These are adorable. Love the little pink fox!!! :3

    1. I'm glad! They're not getting much of a look, I figure that's because pink foxes are a little odd, but I have my fingers crossed! I could certainly do with a bit of cash!


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