Wednesday 1 February 2012

Valentine Coupons

Valentine Craft Number 1

   Well, I've started, and it's too late to back out. This is the first of my seven or so Valentine-themed crafts. They're quite simple to start out with, but I have some fun ones lined up between now and Valentine's day! I'll be honest, I was hoping to get 14 crafts, one for each day, but I've had a tough time coming up with these seven! So I hope you like them. I've had great fun trying them out, and I've put some to use!
   But, the first is a printable. On one hand it counts, on the other it doesn't. But you can always embellish these however you'd like! So there's more fun to be had, and there's a blank coupon at the bottom in the same style that you can write your own stuff on. And if you put it in GIMP you can change the colour by going to the Colours tab and choosing Colourise. Have fun!

As with all my other printables, they're best printed on card, but you can have
the same sturdiness by printing onto paper and gluing to card. That's what I did, anyways.
Also, they might be a bit big, so you can resize them before printing if you need to.
Microsoft Paint has a wonderful resize tool :P

See you in two days for the second Valentine craft!

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  1. I've already copied these wonderful images thank you:) following u from Istanbul.


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