Friday 3 February 2012

My Thoughts on Valentine's Day

   Hello all! Now, as you may have guessed, Valentine's Day is nearly upon us. The shops have brought out their red wrapped chocolates and set their prices high on heart-shaped boxes of otherwise cheaper chocolate. Roses are dominating flower stands, and card shops have also turned an average previously-mentioned-chocolate-wrapper colour. Blogs are coming out with fantastic tutorials for crafts, too! And no, I wasn't including myself in that statement. Mine are far from ground-breaking, and I know that because I pinned them several times on pinterest, then I pinned one single tutorial from another blog once and the repins blew my own out of the water.

   It's great when you've got someone to share it with, but there are unfortunately a lot of people who despise the holiday. Now, I can understand what they're saying. I'm a firm believer that Valentine's Day is basically a bad boyfriend's excuse to never do anything nice at any other time of the year. However, not everyone is like that.
   There are single individuals who hate Valentine's Day purely because they're single. Then, when they find a relationship, they suddenly change their minds. Others hate it because frankly, no one should use it as an excuse to only show their love for one day a year. And then there are also couples who decide not to do anything that day because maybe they treat eachother properly all the time.
   Well, I'm torn between all of it. I'm in a relationship, and have been for almost 2 years now. Valentine's Day was always a wonderful thought when I was much younger, and much single-er, as little girls should be. But now I'm a little more grown up, I realise that I should treat my boyfriend, and be treated by him, wonderfully regardless of what day it is. Going out for a romantic meal as a surprise for no reason will get you more brownie points than it will on a day when it's expected.
   Expected. That brings me to my other side of it. I feel a little put out when Valentine's comes and nothing special happens. On one hand it's the one day a year you're allowed to expect a fuss, but at the same time, as I said before, it should happen any day.

   A lot of people are right. Gift and chocolate companies must make an absolute bomb off of this "holiday". In truth I have no idea what it's supposed to be celebrating, if anything. And, stereotypically, it's the day that guys will buy chocolates and flowers in the hopes of receiving a little something something. But at the same time it's not. It's the time of year that maybe a guy will actually try to show how he feels.
   Now, I have no idea yet if anything will happen with Valentine's day. Seeg and I agreed no gifts, in fact we're not really going further than a card - there's no need to really, he knows how dearly I love him, but at the same time I did quite like the cards available on Etsy.
   However, I expect I will end up making something for him. I have no idea what, though, but that doesn't matter. But, because we live with my parents, given the disabled situation, we don't get much (any at all) time to ourselves to be really romantic. My parents went on holiday for a week last year, and it was the first time we ever had the opportunity to be truly alone, and it was one of the best weeks I've ever had with him (I'll fill you in on the very best moments at another point, probably around mid-May ^^). They're going away again in a few months and I couldn't be more excited.

   I feel like I've gone off topic, goodness I am a terrible blogger. I assure you that my book is written much better than this! :D

   Right, back on track -> Valentine's Day. Thoughts.

   I'd love a romantic dinner (but can't due to situations), I'd love gifts (but can't due to neither of us having any idea of what ourselves or eachother would want, and financial situation), I'd love to see a movie (never anything on in the cinema, but there is a wonderful thing called a DVD, so we should be all right there). I'd love all of this, but in truth I know it won't happen.
   And so, I'm taking my time now to collect up everything great about Valentine's day - tutorials, other people's ideas, recipes etc - and I'm going to tuck them all away until May for our anniversary.
   I don't know what Seeg's thoughts on Valentine's Day are. I asked him once and he said he didn't like it. I asked him again at another point and his answer changed. So I haven't really got any idea. (Sweetie, I would appreciate an answer you're going to stick with!)
   But that doesn't matter. I try my hardest for him all the time, and so does he. We will never watch a DVD without the other one present for the first viewing. And when we're going to sit down and watch a long-anticipated, or just long, film, then we'll make something special out of it. If we bought a film that one of us has already seen, we'll still sit with the other and watch it from start to finish, though usually the viewing is spent by the one who has already watched it watching the other person instead to see their reaction to humorous things.
   If one of us is crying (yes that's right, I have a real man) at a film, even if the other doesn't notice right away, the other one is almost unable to cry anyway - case in point, we just watched Inception about an hour ago, not an inherently sad film, but the very end when he SPOILERSwentbacktohiskids/SPOILERS, I wanted to cry, but I found myself unable. I noticed a moment later that there was a tear on his cheek. Though it is usually almost always me crying, whether it's happy or sad (seriously, keep classic - otherwise known as real - Disney films away from me, or there will be a flood from me having just looked at the DVD case), so this was a rare case, but nevertheless, still the truth.
   If one of us hurts ourselves, the other is there to help - though I will also admit that if it's me who has hurt myself, usually stubbing my toe, I'll snap at him almost instantly. Turns out it runs in the family :P but evenso he's still there to help...unless I stub my toe xD
   It's late so I can't think of much else, but I also know that most of the stuff we do every day would go on this list, but since it happens every day, if I'm asked, I can't think of any of it.

   The point is, Valentine's Day is not the pinnacle of romance in the year. It just isn't. In fact, a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day is a bad idea because everywhere will be busy and booked up. I'm not saying that anyone is right or wrong with their views on Valentine's Day, whether they agree with me or not. These are just my views, and I'm capable of seeing everyone else's side too, but...when you're part of a couple, the significance of Valentine's Day becomes greater than it is if you're single.

   But anniversaries are still the most important. As is every other day that you're with the one you're meant to be with. But I do ask that if anyone out there reading this truly hates Valentine's Day, please don't run around that day shouting about it. You're only ruining happier people's day.

What are your views?


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