Monday 13 February 2012

Origami Love Notes

Valentine Tutorial Number 7.

   This is the last of my valentine tutorials this year. I have to say, I'm surprised I managed to keep myself to it, and I'm even more surprised at how many views some of these have gotten! But, as I said, this is the last tutorial for Valentine's day, but I will try to keep to my tutorial every friday. It's something I've neglected since Christmas, since there's so much on my mind right now, but I'm trying to get back to it. In a way, this valentine collection is my apology.
   Anyway, I've seen these origami hearts in several places, but have found that the tutorials are few and far between. Therefore, I've made my own. Now, they look really hard, especially when you see the circle the paper seems to form on the back of them, but, seriously, once you've done one, you'll see how easy they are.
   I've never found origami very easy. It took me a few hours to make a crane. Yes, hours. Therefore you can trust me when I say that this truly is doable. Hopefully my tutorial makes sense. Now, with my other tutorials, I like to write it out, and take pictures, because people learn in different ways, but you will definitely need the pictures in this tutorial. I'm not sure I have the capacity to be able to actually write the proper method out in words. The words are there purely to explain a few odd looking folds, that's all. This is a very picture-based tutorial.

   The idea behind these hearts, however, aren't to just make the place look pretty. They make great tags, but the purpose of this tutorial is that it's been made with the idea in mind that they're to be strung up for your partner to find. This will be easy if you share a place, but if you're only seeing eachother at the moment, you might want to just keep it as a tag. Once you've made the heart, choose where you want the string to go and make a hole with the end of a pair of scissors, then string some...string, through it. Use that to tie the heart wherever you want. To their toothbrush, to their drink, to their wallet - anywhere they are certain to go to at some point in the day. If you're feeling really silly, or if you've found the perfect joke, you could even tie it to the toilet flush!

You Will Need:
• Paper - I don't think it really matters what its length is, but I would
suggest a width to length ratio of 1:3
• String or baker's twine to tie

Method (see below for corresponding pictures):
1. Fold as shown

2. Fold the upper and lower triangles inwards and flatten them so that the two triangles on the ends are now on shown. Then fold in half so that the corners all line up.

3. Fold the corners down as shown

4. Fold the top flap/triangle back so that it now forms a square.

5. The square should be made up of two triangles. Fold the corners of the triangles to their top tips so that they make two small squares instead.

6. Move the flaps back so that they form a triangle again, then gently open them up. Lift them vertically and open them gently. The highest point of the paper should be pressed down to meet the middle of the full square, and flattened. At the end of it you should have one big square with four small squares.

7. Now fold the edges of these squares so that the edge meets the middle. Do this for all the 4 squares.

8. Stand them vertically and flatten them out in the same way as step 6.

9 + 10 Now make sure that the broken crease down that side is vertical, and turn it over so that the other side is facing you. What a lovely clean square with a funny little triangle-y bit. Write your message on this side of it, then fold it in half horizontally. On the other side there's the circle made from folded squares. Make sure that they all stay facing the same side. If you fold the entire thing in half, it's not a problem, just lift that part back up, but that is the part that gives it its final heart shape.

11. Now flip it back over so that the circle-folded side is facing you. Now fold a small triangle over on both sides. This finishes the heart shape, and also keeps the heart locked shut as best as a fold can. To open the heart again, just unfold those two triangles, flip it open and the message is fully readable.

12. Now, flip it over and marvel at yourself. Aren't you clever! That wasn't so hard now, was it? Now make some more. The best part is, once you've done your first couple, you won't need the tutorial anymore. It's then that you realise how simple the steps are and you can easily remember them.

   Once you've made a few more, take the end of a pair of scissors and make a small hole whereever you want to thread the string through. I used pink and white baker's twine from my valentine packaging for my shop, and was able to get it through easily enough. Once you've done this and written your messages, tie them to things your partner will use that day. Their toothbrush, a drink in the fridge, a pair of scissors, a notebook, some work supplies if you know they have to go about business - and if they're going to work, tie one to something he won't see until he's already at work. Be clever about it. If he has a ringbinder, open it up and tie it to one of the closure rings.
   There's any variation of places you could put them! See below for four I've done for your benefit! I won't be doing anything like this for valentine's day for Seeg - all that can wait for our anniversary!




  1. Your photos in this tutorial are outstanding.
    Adding the numbers made it so practical and easy (though I didn't try it, yet).
    Good luck to you and Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. Once you've made a few more, take the end of a pair of scissors and make a small hole whereever you want to thread the string through.


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