Thursday 9 February 2012

Valentine Blossom Ball

Valentine Tutorial Number 5

   This one wasn't what I wanted it to be, I'll be honest. I wanted roses, but I am incompetent and I couldn't follow the tutorials to make roses myself. Can't make a tutorial for something I can't do myself, eh! So, instead of roses, I've gone for blossoms. I think they look just as cute, anyway ^^
   This one is easy, like the others really (except the fortune cookies, they were a little tricky). You need very few items, but you probably don't have polystyrene/styrofoam balls rolling around your house. Fortunately, I did, but only because I never got around to making some Christmas decorations. Enjoy!

You Will Need:
• Styrofoam/Polystyrene balls
• Tissue paper
• Glue
• Scissors

Method (scroll down for the picture method):
1. Like I said, this one is quite easy. Cut some of your tissue paper and fold it numerous times to a square about an inch big. The more you fold it the less cutting you have to do. Once you've got your folded square, cut out a flower. I only did four petals, it would probably look better with five, but you might want to use less tissue per cut in that case.

2. Now you've got lots of flowers. They might not look very good, but once it's all together, you might not notice. Take your ball and dab a little glue onto it. Place your first flower on it and fold up the petals. This will free up some more space and make it easier when you apply more flowers.

3. Stick some more flowers down, leaving a nice bit of space between them. Make sure to fold the petals up. I used pink and white flowers, but I applied the pink wones first. This enabled me to have nice even coverage of colour.

4. Once you've gone around the ball with one colour, go around and stick the other colour flowers in the spaces - unless you're only using one colour, in which case, just fill in the gaps with the others.

5. Once you've done that, fill in any other gaps. Set to dry, and you're done!

To Hang: if you want to hand it up, I used a piece of craft wire from my jewellery supplies, created a loop and stuck the end in nice and deep. I tied some pink and white baker's twine through it and made a loop. If you don't want to hang it, it looks lovely standing on top of a small or narrow vase filled with something to compliment it. I went for pink and white lace ^^

See you in two days for the next one!


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