Wednesday 15 February 2012

The Book is Finally Finished!! EEEEEEE!!

   After two years of work, it's finally finished. I've written a lot of stuff. I've written lots of really stupid books from like 20 to 200 pages, revolving around either magic or mundane rubbish, but this is the first book I've taken seriously enough to work on properly and get published.
   I started a long time ago, planning it out. It took me a few months of planning to finally start writing it at the end of 2009. I did a truly great job keeping dedicated to it through 2010, and in 2011 I hit a few snags, but I kept going nevertheless. I finished it shortly into the year, then came months of proofing. I read the book through about five times in total, and needless to say, despite that it's my pride and joy, I got pretty sick of it in the end. I mean, I know the story, so it's hard to keep myself in suspense when I know what's around the corner. But nevertheless I kept up with it, until I hit August last year. I just stopped working on it, and I was half way through my final read-through. I just couldn't convince myself to pick it up again.
   So, a few months passed in the end with me doing little work on it. I'd look at and just think "Eh." I supposed it was partly due to the story - I'd had some ideas for a new book during the time I was proofing it, and it made the story I was working on at the time look dull. I sat down one day to plan out a new book, to put my trilogy on hold, but after a few hours I wondered what the hell I was doing. I'd already been working for a year and a half on this trilogy, and I was about to give it up! I promise you guys, I am dedicated, it's just that sometimes that dedication goes on holiday sometimes and refuses to come back. So I have to drag it home.

   Long story short, after saying for so long that I was gonna do it, I finally did it. As you all know. After months of nothing (though towards the end I did start writing the second book of the trilogy, I'm 3 chapters in already) I finally picked it up and read it. And I have to say, once you reach the half way point, it does start to get better. But, as with most trilogies, it does have a slow beginning, where you get to know the characters before events start exploding.
   And, today, I finished reading the final chapter. It's a sad one, though, and I did cry (I'm not big headed, I'm just attached to the world I've created), but it's finished. Completely. Spell-checked, sense-checked, everything. And I just spent the last hour putting it into a position where I can get a copy printed through Lulu. And I was so shocked to see how  many pages it comes to! 434! I thought it was just on the 300 mark, but I guess my handwriting is a lot smaller than I thought! I'm going to get a print made up at the end of the month so I can finally hold this work in my hands, bound and polished, and just sniff it. New books are awesome.

   And, yesterday, my dad bought me the Writers and Artists' Yearbook 2012 - when that arrives I can start pestering people about it all over the world! And I had a great idea about how I can stand out from all the other letters that agents receive, and it involves a wonderful Etsy seller!

   I'll keep you guys posted on the progress of this new stage, I am so excited!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Though the work is far from over, it's so nice to be able to say that something is finally finished. And the writing is the hardest part. To come up with an original story, with original characters in an original world, it's a challenge. I know it's probably going to be a few years before I get an agent, if I get one at all, but I don't have to bend over backwards. I know the process I have to go through for that, and once I've got one, they're the ones that handle finding a publisher. The biggest job for me is the writing. Then it's a case of hoping that the writing is good enough to catch someone's eye. But I won't be sitting idle while I wait for people to respond, I'm already writing the second book of the trilogy - a longer one, and muuuch more eventful one. Afterall, it's the second book. Events have already gotten moving, and you already know the characters. The second book starts in the middle of it all!

   Anyway, I'll stop my rambling now...I'm just so so so excited. All I want is to be a successful writer. I'm so excited and I'm so scared! I feel a little sick, actually.

Peace my lovelies x


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