Tuesday 14 February 2012

Printable and Digital Valentine Washi Tape

Happy Valentine's Day my lovely readers! I don't come bearing roses, chocolates
 or teddies, but I do have something cute for you to add to your valentine photos!

   I scanned in some of my washi tape for you all. Valentine theme, yay! You can print and cut or you can add to your pictures on GIMP or something! It's so easy if you use the magic select tool on the tape, copy it, and paste it onto your image. Resize to your desire and you're good to go!
   So, as usual, click the image to open it up, then right click and save to your PC. Feel free to edit or alter them as you see fit. I might do this more frequently, too. Also, if you do use them I would honestly love to see the results! Enjoy!

 Yay, example!

   Have a good day my lovelies! And remember that while Valentine's day is always nice with your partner, it can be just as fun with friends. Don't be a party pooper and bring down other people's valentines! Get your friends round, make some fatty treats and watch some rom-coms! The best part of doing it with your friends is you don't have to make sure you're wearing your best panties! :D

   Also, I hope you enjoyed my run up to Valentine's Day. I really enjoyed making the tutorials, and it's given me some ideas for what to do next! Peace out! x

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