Saturday 18 February 2012

Self Portrait Saturday + Updates

   Well, WonderForest is holding a self portrait saturday event on her blog, and I've decided to participate. I did it last week, and I found it surprisingly enjoyable! So I'm gonna do it again ^^
   As always, I can't help but change or obscure something. I actually find it quite enjoyable. And though Dana has said that she will get me to take a picture without obscuring something, I wish her luck! :P I enjoy showing other sides of myself through photography like this, I always did, but like I said, I lost my photogaphy mojo. However, and I must thank Dana for this, I really feel like I could do it again. It's been a few years, and my poor DSLR is sitting in its bag, unloved and uncared for. It never comes out with me - in fact I think it's only left the house a handful of times. It might help if I got it a sprucey new coat, but I'm hardly in that position at the moment. But the point is, it doesn't have much of a life. I've considered even selling it at some points, but then I remember that my dad bought it for me. I'm so sentimental, that there is no chance it's going anywhere.
   But, as I said, I feel like I could really take photography on again. I've decided to start Project 52 (I know I'm a bit late), and I know that some ideas I have for photographs could be part of that - I actually have ideas!
   I'm so excited about it, so I think I'll probably participate in this until the end of its run, whenever that might be, and you lovely people will be subjected to the tort--honour of seeing each picture as they come, even the ones I won't be submitting!

   I think I took a big leap with this one. No make up - well, no more than fact, less than usual! But, as you see, my face is still obscured. Maybe it always will be, who knows? But I took a bigger step with this one than I have in a while. So I'm proud of myself ^^ with any luck next week I'll keep in the same direction.

Anyway, updates!

   As I've said, I've decided to take part in Project 52. I've got some nice ideas, and I think it will help me also find new products for my Etsy shop. I've also started to try out a different kind of product today, some motivational prints. I won't know if they're going to work until I actually have a print in my hands, but I'll be sure to let you know how it goes! I'm quite hopeful that it could work out, though.

   Also, today Seeg's parents have come from the Netherlands to England to visit, but we won't be seeing them until tomorrow. However, they've bought us tickets to see Billy Connelly at Colston Hall, so that should be awesome! I'm a little worried about it though, in recent years Billy Connelly has become a bit...well, old. At first he would forget things he was talking about because he would go off on tangents, but he'd always find his way back. Now, though, it seems as though he is forgetting things. On one hand I'd say perhaps he should just quit, he's had an amazing run - but on the other hand, if there was something I loved doing I wouldn't stop just because I was getting forgetful. Hell I wouldn't stop if I was disabled, if I could help it, so why the hell should he? I admire that he still goes on, and eventhough I've heard most of the jokes he has these days, they're still funny, and after the amount of time he's spent doing it, it's only natural that he would sort of run out of material. However, I know at the same time that the show will be awesome. I've only ever been to one show, and that was a Mindless Self Indulgence concert, so this will be something nice and different. Plus I get to sit down. Sitting down is awesome. And I'm sure, even if he does tell the same jokes, because I'm actually hearing him deliver them, they should be even funnier.

   Dandelion Grenade will be up again soon, and it will be muuuch different to last time. Lots of clay involved <3 I'll introduce you to my forest of proud creatures when it opens up! :D I'm quite excited about it, and I've also, thanks to that, come up with a new product for Peaches and Pebbles - but I'm not sure I can get it to work perfectly yet. But hopefully, work it shall, and will be up in a few days, to a week. But, knowing me, it probably won't :P

   I also have a tutorial in the works, probably for the first day of Project 52, which will likely start on the 2nd of March. There was a reason it wasn't taking place on the 24th of this month, but I don't remember why that was. Only that there is a reason. ^^

   I also have a couple more features I'm adding to this blog, but due to money and other people, they may not be that frequent. I love packaging, you see. Not food packaging or anything silly like that, but creative product packaging. And I've thought that perhaps Etsy is the best place to find it. That's not to say I'm going to be featuring people who sell handmade packaging materials - though if you do and you're interested in being featured, do let me know - but rather I intend to feature products that arrive to me creatively packaged. Generally, if I purchase something handmade, I kind of expect that creativity to overlap into packaging and the like as well as their products. That might just be me. My packaging might not be amazing, but when those parcels come through your letter box, you know that it isn't a boring internet lead you've ordered, you know that it's something more awesome than that. And that's kind of what I expect from other sellers. I've had compliments from the lady that works at the post office for my colourful packaging, too ^^
   However, it's not always the exterior packaging. Some people don't think of that. It's usually the interior packaging, the packaging of the product itself, not the shipping container, and that still counts. I hate nothing more than to buy something handmade and have it arrived wrapped in bubblewrap and nothing more. If that bubblewrap has been sealed with washi tape or something, it's a bit better, but I just can't help thinking that if you're creative enough to create this wonderful piece of whatever I'm looking at, then surely you're clever enough to press a stamp to a box or envelope, and find some nice, coloured tissue paper.
   Having said that, that is what I wish to feature. In fact I have a few purchases that I intend to make via 2 Storenvy stores, by two wonderful women. I might be disappointed, but regarding who these two ladies are, I actually do expect to see some pretty packaging. Therefore, anything I buy with packaging worthy of it, shall be featured here.

   On a similar note, I also intend to get some shelves put up in my room for me to house wonderful handmade pieces on that I've purchased with no real use for. Plushies that will sit by and make the room look softer; pictures to make the room brighter; even book ends that I can't realistically use due to the nature of my veeerryyy stuffed bookcase. Each time I get an item that will join the others on the shelves, it will get a mention here. So, that will probably be even less frequent than the other feature I explained just now.

   I realise that I've typed an awful lot here, but I had a lot to say ^^ The giveaway is still live, so do go and enter, but in the mean time, I'll bid you adieu.

Also I'm quite happy with my new background :D
Does the background display well on other screens? All I've seen it on is a couple of flat ones which have a tendancy to change colours, or remove colour altogether in some cases!


  1. Beautiful shot!

    I need to look into Project 52, not sure if I heard about it before.

    I agree about the packaging. The first etsy shop order I received from Enticing Treats, I was blown away by the outer packaging, her writing, and unwrapping everything inside. I was totally impressed and no one has topped her creativity since then. Well, at least from the things I have received from giveaways from different shops. Have a nice weekend.

  2. I like that you took a bigger step this time!! looks great :)
    thanks for linking up again!
    xo dana


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