Thursday 9 February 2012

Found a Little Confidence

   As some of you know, I've not been feeling one hundred percent lately. I've been feeling really down and negative towards a lot, particularly my shops. But, fortunately, I think the clouds are starting to lift. I made two sales today, the first for what feels like a while, and my carer's allowance claim was put on hold temporarily until some paperwork was sorted, and it's been put back to action too, so in a few weeks we'll get a little money. Seeg and I have agreed not to do anything for Valentine's Day, instead everything will be put into our anniversary in May, cards and all - fortunately I haven't written mine, and he's not bought one yet, so the panic of making Valentine's Day awesome has also been lifted. And, I woke up in a good mood this morning for the first time in about two weeks or so.

   I'm also becoming quite confident about my new shop - I've got my direction all sorted out, and Dandelion Grenade will be put in vacation mode until mid-March, latest, when every single listing will change. I'm really happy with what I've come up with, and while a few things need to be tweaked, practised and then tweaked again, and I need to figure out how my logo will work...and I also need a new scanner...well, apart from that, I'm really pleased. It won't look anything like it does now ^^ and the products are all different, too, so it's a bit exciting :D And, my glass jars arrived yesterday, so I've been able to finally relist my two best sellers on Peaches and Pebbles. So that's even better! :D

   There is some sadder news, though. Lucky isn't improving. She seems to be struggling to walk about comfortably, and her back right leg just doesn't seem to be responding. She spends most of her time sleeping - she always has been very chilled and relaxed, and has spent a lot of her time sleeping, but lately it's all she does. She still can't eat solid food and I don't think she'll be able to again, but fortunately she's taken a keen liking to tuna. She has a dinner time now; when we finish whatever we're doing downstairs and retire to our room for the night, we give her a small plate of it. She smells it right away and ambles across the cage to it as best she can and gobbles it all up, bless her little heart. But we both know her time is running out. She really hates the vets, so we agreed not to take her unless she starts suffering. As it is at the moment, though, she still tries to go about with her day as normally as possible, and her eyes are still bright, if tired. While her time is indeed running out, we know she's going to fight as long as she can. I tried to give her a bath the other day, because she's struggling to wash certain parts of her body, and the fight she put up was about the same as it used to be, surprisingly. She really doesn't like baths...

   Anyway, that's the update on my little world at the moment. I hope you're all enjoying the tutorials, and hello to my new followers! Do introduce yourselves, won't you? ♥


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