Monday 4 March 2013

VividPlease - Wooden Brooches

   I like brooches, I think they're marvellous things, I really do. I used to love mpin badges, I had a tiny little school bad - seriously, it was the best thing ever - and I COVERED it with badges of bands and swear words. I wish I still had that bag, I really do. It was tiny, black with tarten, pyramid studs and straps. It. Was. Awesome. It was too small, though, I had to leave half of my books with the teachers and I had to stop bringing lunch altogether. Luckily my friends fed me xD I feel awful for it, but it turned out a few years later that one of my best friends had Coeliacs Disease so in a way, I was helping xD
   Anyway, since then, however, I've grown out of badges. They were always the same: round and, occasionally, cheap. These days I prefer brooches, but I still use them for the same purpose: decorating my bags. Particularly the gert big bag I take with me to the post office.
   The reason I prefer brooches is that there's so much more variety, and I am particularly fond of different shapes.

   My good friends over at VividPlease have gotten new brooches in, too, and they are to die for. Gorgeous wood, no paint - neutral is just as good as a splash as colour, in my opinion, you can never have too much of either - with lovely shapes and features. They've had the anatomical heart, paper aeroplane and ampersand brooches for some time, and they are lovely - I'm partial to the heart, myself - but they've just released a whole bunch of new ones!

via Twitter.

   A bear, a goldfish, ship in a bottle, 'oui' and 'non', a pug and a puzzle piece! They are marvellous, and a wonderful expansion to their shop. Personally, I love the ship in the bottle, the bear and the pug ♥
   It's brooches like these that I love, shaped specifically for the subject, and the lovely natural texture is just awesome. I've seen plenty of bright coloured brooches, geometric ones are particularly nice, but I'd choose a finely shaped and detailed piece over those every day.
   I particularly love how the Vivid Pug has come into play time and time again, and he's back again, ready to follow you everywhere.


  1. Aww Kim!
    What a lovely surprise :D
    This post has made my week already - and it's only Monday! Thanks so much for all the kudos :B
    We're so pleased to hear that you like the style and the designs. It's really challenging when making stuff that's a little different as you never know if other people will like it as much as you do. It's great to get such lovely feedback so soon after listing them :) High fives all round! Thanks missy! xox


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