Friday 22 March 2013

Sponsorship Changes

   I read Why Girls Are Weird a lot. I find Krysten to be very entertaining and interesting, and her posts don't drag on for half a day like mine do. She recently had the fabulous idea to change the way her sponsorships work, and I intend to follow on (read: copy) the idea.
   I don't like blogs who charge $100 for an ad. I also hate blogs who have an unlimited number of ad spaces. If you end up paying $25 for an ad and you are put on the sidebar with about 35 other people, you will not be seen. So I quickly decided that, even if my blog were to gain 5,000 followers, I would not increase my sponsorship prices by much.
   Krysten, however, has taken a much bigger step to attempt to help out us smaller, poorer bloggers. Every month she plans to hold a giveaway - the prize? Ad spaces on her blog. The only ad space she will charge for will be the largest, leaving all other ad slots and sizes as prizes to be won in the giveaway. This means that everyone has the chance to advertise, whether you can afford to advertise or not. It also means that there isn't a mad rush of people booking up slots in advance so you don't stand a chance of getting to them, but by charging for the largest ads, she is still making the money she needs to be able to advertise herself on other blogs.

   I intend to do much the same thing. My post-footer ad will still be purchasable, since it is doubtlessly the most effective ad space on any blog, which leaves the small and large ads as monthly prizes.
   Everyone will have the same chances, too, because the only entry will be to follow my blog. No Twitter, no Facebook, no other social media that not everyone might have. Just following the blog through any means. Once this is done, the winners will be announced and contacted, being asked for appropriately sized ads and their links - blogs or shops - and their ads will then be manually placed onto Passionfruit, with rotating ads on every page load.

   This will take place pretty soon. Hell, I'm writing this post on the 21st of March, I might have decided to actually put the giveaway live as soon as I post this thing!
   The giveaways will go live for two weeks (though the first is likely to be just one week), always on or around the 14th of each month. Whether they will be in individual posts, or on the sponsorship page, I've not decided yet. Probably the former.


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